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  1. I'm certainly not trying to get famous by going after WOFT. There are easier ways to do that...with a lot less paperwork and elbow grease, for sure!
  2. Should our essays really be filled with warm fuzzy feelings and charm? I have a feeling the seasoned, war veteran, no bullcrap members of the board would see right through that.
  3. Of course, all this is not forgetting that the words you put INTO the essay are the most important aspect of this whole task.
  4. Specifically, I wrote the essay out on a computer, underlined the words with the underline button, and made the actual text font white so I had a blank underlined skeleton of the essay. I then threw that underlined skeleton on a light board, counted how many words I needed to fit on each line, and wrote out the text with my own hand. This way, I knew I had used every single millimeter of space, my lines were exactly straight, my words maintained the same spacing/size, they could do a handwriting analysis if they wanted, and my borders and general appearance was as exact as what a typewriter could produce. Over the top? Perhaps. But I have an essay I can say is perfect. Except for one "i" that has a slightly elongated dot on top.
  5. I did something similar with a light board. I would suggest NOT tracing a computer generated font. It's obvious. I don't see that qualifying as "hand written".
  6. Would anybody be interested/willing to take a gander at my "Why I want to be an Army aviator" essay? While I'm not looking to change it (It's MY essay, what I want to say, from the heart), I believe it's always good to share your work. I've learned a lot by writing this. It really forced me to consider why I am doing this. Let me know, folks. I'd love to connect with you through this long process. Caleb
  7. Hi folks, It seems to be a theme around the WOFT discussions- my recruiter pooped out on me. Stopped replying to communications. I already talked to the head shed at the recruiting station and got the same response. Could anyone recommend an excellent Army recruiter that might be willing to help a sincerely motivated candidate go through the process? I've done all the leg work I can on my side of completing the packet- now I am forced to rely on a recruiter. I'm more than willing to travel. I am located in Central PA. Thanks for any tips from those with good experiences... Best, Caleb Thomas
  8. Ok so now I'm a bit confused. I just had LASIK last week. (20/15 and lovin it!) I had it done so I can be competitive for WOFT. Why was I thinking it was only a 3 month wait unitl you could get your flight physical/MEPS physical done? Was I confusing 3 months waiting with something else? Either way- 3-6 months is a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things. More time for the packet.
  9. --Please forgive me if this is posted to the wrong forums-- If there are any aviators on this forum stationed at Ft. Indiantown Gap in PA, and would be willing to introduce themselves and "talk aviation" with me, I'd greatly appreciate it! I see you all flying UH-60's and CH-47s into KSEG in Selinsgrove constantly (I actually have a chinook womping in the background of my first solo flight video!) I'd love to finally get to know you and hear what you have to say personally about Army aviation. Please don't hesitate to contact me through here or via my email- "thomascb6229 at gmail" I'm all ears and would welcome the opportunity to meet and learn from experienced folks! Thanks, Caleb Thomas
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