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  1. Awesome dude! I imagine that Mosquito's got to be loads more fun to fly than the 269! Well that's it 1000 posts,...Papillon here I come! Oh' wait, that's flight hours isn't it,...dammit!
  2. I just thought, they automatically know a Cesna's an airplane, by now I would imagine they know a Robinson is a helicopter, especially when there are a lot of them training in the area? If I said, "Tower Robinson 154TT inbound for the South helipad", I think that they might get that I'm a helicopter?
  3. I've flown with a number of different schools on both sides of the country, and so far, its always the same. When we're on the radio its always "Tower helicopter such and such...". Why is that? The fixed wing guys always seem to go by their manufacturer's name, i.e. "Cesna...", "King Air...". So, any of you Robbie guys out there (or even Hughs/Schweizer/Sikorsky guys) actually say on the radio, "Tower Robinson,...", "Schweizer..."? ...because I've been thinking about doing it?
  4. Actually I was thinking more like either taking less gas or flying solo, but... As for saving weight by taking non pilots, think about this; We pilots have an incentive to stay at least below 200 lbs, the general public does not!,...and have you been to Sizzler?
  5. 2 pilots and full fuel in a 22? Sorry, but you're gonna have to pick just one of those!
  6. I don't think the point of these new courses (like long line) is really to "better prepare new pilots for the job market". They're just for these schools to get their piece of the free money pie while it lasts. So doing them in anything smaller than a 206 would be counter productive to that goal! I could be wrong though, and there could be a whole slew of new pilots getting hired because of their 206/LL training?,...doubt it though! I did fly a 22 that had been set up (at one time) for long lining, so its possible, but I've never seen a school advertise long line training in a 22,...or at all, for that matter, just a handful of years ago!
  7. Yeah, me too! Thing is, we're not the one's paying for it these days,...and what would you do with "free money"?
  8. I think you're thinking about tour pilots, flying around the same 5 minute pattern over the parking lot all day long (or "flying the race track" as one ex-tour pilot I met put it). "stick bunnies",...that's cute. I think I like that better than "robbie ranger".
  9. Damn! You follow me around like a wounded puppy dog! If you were a chick, I'd swear you have a crush on me!
  10. Get a job at the airport as a fuel jocky. Once they get to know you a bit, then ask them if there's anything you can do for them as a possible intern?
  11. "Just burning holes in the sky" is what they call that type of stuff. For them every flight must have a purpose to it.
  12. Air Photo Inc just posted again. That's the third time now! I wonder if they're having trouble finding that munchkin pilot? Maybe this will be the next shortage,...skinny little pilots!
  13. What's the worst that can happen? You end up with a thousand hours and no one will hire you? Then just sell the helicycle, lease an R22, and start your own flight school.
  14. When I click on the "image" icon a window comes up for "image properties" asking for a URL. When I put one in I either get a red "x" or that "you are not allowed..." message you mentioned. I don't know what photobucket is?
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