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  1. Seems like I'am trying to jump too soon. LE experience would be what I'am after, beings CBP is my ultimate goal as a career. It's one county away and a 407 position. As of now, I fly 2 to 3 hours a day with over 30 landings. And only see shore once every few days. But, the schedule is nice. 14/14. I would think that LE experience is what CBP is looking for, and this is a place I could get it. But wow, what a crappy pay scale for an aviator. It's a hard pill to swallow. I'll apply, maybe get an interview, and then can ask the important questions. Besides, interview practice never hurts anyone. Thanks guys for all the responses.
  2. Here is a link to the job. http://agency.governmentjobs.com/volusiaco/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=553196
  3. Flying as a LEO is what I'd like to do as a career. I see it is a job that could be extremely rewarding. What seems like a great opportunity in the county next to me in Florida just opened up. I'am about to apply, and concerned with the pay. I fly offshore now, and make in the low 60's. I also fly in the National Guard. This job only pays $39k a year. That's before taxes. How could a man justify that switch?
  4. So are all aviation assets now with CBP? I know it used to say border patrol on the side of the little birds, but now it all seems to be CBP. I've got a good bit of time in the 60, and the 206 as I fly both on a regular basis, young, and willing to live in a not so great place to get into this career. Are they willing to hire a rotary guy or does it have to be dual rated?
  5. Will they hire rotary only guys? How do I find a recruiter if there is such a thing?
  6. Was this for a light, medium, or heavy position? It seems like they are actively pursuing medium and heavy guys. Don't know why they would want to make it hard on someone they need.
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