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  1. LOL, I suspect our Preston might be a young dreamer. But let's not discourage him! Lots of us started our careers by dreaming of helicopters. Speaking of which... Can I add a little anecdotal story? Back in the late 1970's, when I was just a wee student pilot, I was working at an operator as a charter dispatcher. One Sunday evening when it was real slow, a friend dropped by in his Army Guard UH-1H. He came in and offered to take me for a ride. Of course, I accepted! I hopped in the back. In the air, my friend (who was flying in the left-front seat) had the guy in the right-fr
  2. In Rolling Stone Magazine, famous musician David Crosby (do I need to list the band he was in?) has an advice column called "Ask Croz." In the latest issue, an 18 year-old kid asks him how to go about making a steady income from music? Crosby pulls no punches: "The only reason you should become a musician right now is because you cannot do any other thing." When I read that, I laughed and thought about how it was similar to the situation in aviation. You can run numbers...you can make pro/con lists...you can ask for advice from now until doomsday. None of that will likely matter - for
  3. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAH! Oh man, Nate, yer killing me! Listen man, helicopter pilots have ALWAYS been viewed as a dime-a-dozen. Even during times of pilot "shortages," there are always enough drivers to fill the seats. And if not? The operators really don't seem to care. They'll offer extra days (we call it "workover") to their existing pilots, who eat it up because they're always hungry for money. If push comes to shove, they'll up the workover rate a little. It's an eye-opening experience when a pilot first realizes that employers regard him with such disdain. "All I do for this chicken
  4. Nate, you've been given some pretty good advice so far. I can only add that you really have to love flying helicopters to start from scratch and make this a career. And while *you* may love flying helicopters, your wife might not like it as you get down the road. You say she's okay with "several" years of hardship - I'm not sure people understand the meaning of "several." Or "hardship." Could be longer and harder than she thinks. (That's what she said!) You've obviously given this an enormous amount of deliberation and some research. I say go for it! What have you got to lose? Ma
  5. Discap: "HeloNorth Why is NTSB focused on the FLI. Nearly Retired said that it displays all kinds of faults." Not "faults," but parameters. Whichever power parameter is approaching a limit, *that* will be the one the needle is showing. Could be torque first, but not necessarily.
  6. That's interesting, Spike. How then does one do a practice autorotation in a B3e?
  7. Discap, 254 is waaaaay below the NR operating range for that model. The power-off lower limit is 320 rpm. You get that dad-blamed annoying Astar warning horn if it falls below 360 rpm. So 254 is crazy-low...count-the-blades low. (EDIT: The "FLI" they refer to is the First-Limit Indicator. Airbus started putting these gauges in their helicopters back when the company was called Aerospatiale. Basically, you get one gauge that can display engine temperature, torque, or rpm. Whichever parameter gets close to its limit, that is the parameter that will be displayed. So it might be showin
  8. Well, as usual Helonorth adds nothing constructive to the conversation. Thanks for that! (And by the way, dummy, RisePilot used "anecdotal" correctly as an adjective. An anecdote would be the noun. Sheesh.) Jennie, it sounds like we're coming in to the middle of this situation. Sounds like this helicopter guy has already made his plans known to neighbors and the City Council. Sounds like he's already even landed his helicopter on his property. It also sounds like you're pretty much against it. Anti-aviation people generally bring up arguments like, "beach erosion!" (what?) or "
  9. Quitting so soon? Go get a goddam BFR and stop whining. Cool video, by the way. But isn't it required that aviation videos use "Sail" from Awolnation as the soundtrack instead of Judas Priest? Hmm, isn't that some violation of YouTube policies? Might get you banned!
  10. Let's say you meet someone you really, really like...someone who gives you that special feeling, and!...who returns your affections. You two decide to "make it official" and pursue a relationship. Well you don't go into such a relationship half-hearted. You don't say, "Meh- maybe it'll work out. And if not...meh." No! You go in with all the optimism and faith you can muster. It will work out! You'll make it work out! Of course, it still might not, but at least you'll know you gave it your best shot. And so it is with aviation. If you want a career in this crazy industry you have to
  11. Tbarrier, I absolutely agree! Which is why I don't say the same things in the Comments section of her videos that I write in this forum. For non-aviators, her videos are probably pretty fascinating and informative. I don't deny that. Educating people on helicopters and what they can do is a good thing! Let's not forget that. However... We are really not her target audience. (In fact, she probably wishes that actual helicopter pilots would not watch.) Because *WE*...we pilots can pick apart the content and point out where she goes wrong and make fun of all her little transgressions.
  12. Very good, Helonorth! Since you're playing amateur psychologist, now go look up "passive-aggressive behaviour." And thank you, my penmanship is quite good! See, I grew up in a time when we were taught cursive writing in school - and those Catholic nuns made sure we did it correctly! Chewberta, I appreciate the comment about my writing...but...aging? That's kind of a low blow. (Sigh) But maybe you're right. In a couple of days I shall turn 64. 64!! I remember when The Beatles released "When I'm 64," and I thought to myself, "Man, I'll nevvvver get that old!" And now I am. I'll tel
  13. Unnecessarily nasty? Ahhhhh, no, sweetie. Harsh? Yes. Public figures...those who nobly "put themselves out there" in YouTube videos or whatever...should be held to a higher standard. If they don't want to be judged and critiqued, then they should keep their private lives private. But if you're going to put up a YT video of you flying a helicopter, then you better expect some comments from other people who also fly helicopters. Like me. Oh, and not all of those comments will be positive and affirming. Some of them might include stuff that you don't want to hear. Tough sh*t. That
  14. Well...I know I sound like a broken record, but...had they used a checklist!...which they didn't...there probably would've been some discussion about the temperature limits. Those T-53s start pretty cool though. The temperature doesn't spike for the moon on light-off like some 206's do. And I guess the PIC didn't think it was necessary to complicate things any more than necessary in his mansplaination.
  15. And the hits just keep on comin'! Man, oh man, I don't want to start nit-picking all of the YouTube videos posted by you-know-who... But I've got to comment on one more - the one where this pilot gets to go up in a UH-1B/C. First off - okay, you're a helicopter pilot and you've found someone who'll take you up in their Huey. Great! I'd jump on that opportunity like Hurricane Dorian jumped on the Bahamas - I'd be all over it. Probably with the same death toll. And in fact, coincidentally this year I did get the opportunity to fly our UH-1B. Yeah, we have one. It needed to be repositi
  16. Missy, I can assure you- I know the difference between implying and inferring. I choose my words very carefully. Unlike you. Saying that the helicopter world will be a better place after I'm gone is, I think, being awfully and unnecessarily nasty and cruel. Bitter, too. I've never said anything that personally bad about you (although I may have thought it...okay, I have thought it). Seems to me you have some serious man-hating issues to deal with. Why do you hate men so much? Do you wear a lot of plaid? Did your dad not give you enough attention when you were growing up? Look, I've
  17. Just mention the name of the subject of this thread - it'll get deleted for you! ;-) AkAr: What's funny is you implying that *you* have any relevancy...or any more than I do. Hey, here's a thought: Why not change your profile so that it reflects your true sex...I mean, gender? It's clear to everyone here that you're a woman. Oh, and trust me, missy, everything I say here I'd say to your face. Ask any of the guys on here who know me personally.
  18. Hobie, with all due respect, I believe AlluhAkbar was referring to me. I've consistently referred to the subject of this thread as "she" and "her," something AkAr finds extremely troubling. But AkAr can go piss up a rope, if that's even possible for her. Moving on... Ah, but even when there *is* someone to catch your bad habits, bad things can still happen! Take the crash of a Grumman Gulfstream IV on takeoff in Boston back in 2014. It was a corporate G-IV, and the two jokers flying it were not kids (age 45 and 61) and they were VERY experienced and very highly regarded among their
  19. So...where's Bob coming from with all this woman-hating stuff? I mean, he must really hate women, that biased hater of women! For the record, I do not hate women. Jeebus! However, if I'm biased (and I don't think there's any doubt about it) I don't apologize for that. You don't like it? Tough. Go cry to someone who cares. Like one of your many cats. Or your wussified boyfriend with his beard and man-bun, AAAAAHAHAHAHA. Oh, you mean the way we have to explain most things to you? Well, okaaaaayyyyy...if you insist. Sweetheart, the sad (for you) fact is that most helicopter pilot
  20. Goddammit, Fred, shut up! I hate it when people on here make more sense than I do ;-)
  21. Soooo...you better hope you can make a living as a male gigolo? Sorry to hear about your experience with ADF. I know they use the Enstrom for training although none of us understand why. You should train in the aircraft you're going to fly. Learning how to dry in an Enstrom and then going out and doing it for real in an S-58 doesn't seem very smart. Speaking of which... The S-58 has the same preflight requirements as the S-55 in terms of climbing up to high places to check (and grease) the M/R head and T/R hub. Just curious as to how you were planning on dealing with that?
  22. I sincerely did not want this thread to turn into one in which everyone jumps on a bandwagon to bash and humiliate the person who's the subject of my original post. Believe it or not, I was merely trying to make the point (albeit snidely and snarkily) that if you're going to publish videos on YouTube, then you really ought to have your sh*t together and not do things that make Safety Nazis cringe. You might say that my original intent was less about "safety" and more about making a personal attack on somebody. And there's probably some truth to that. As I said, I don't like the person who
  23. EDIT for those of you who've inexplicably been following along: In this post I mention another post, #36, which *had* been by a gal named "terminal_velo." In it, she divulged the name of the pilot this thread is about. She didn't have to. Anyway, that post was removed and now post #36 is attributed to butters, and it does not violate the TOS. terminal_velo's post was snarky and fairly insulting, both to the subject of this thread and to me. I quoted a small part of it in my post #37. With that in mind... May I elaborate on one more point? You know how much I like to hear the
  24. Should be...maybe...but I'm not. I stand by everything I've written - the serious stuff and the jokes. (Wait - there were jokes?) Sorry if that offends you, ma'am. The internet fosters and promotes negativity. It encourages it! Someone makes a post - you almost never hear a bunch of people responding, "Yeah, right on, great idea, man! You're so right!" Oh no. What usually happens is a chorus of contrariness. People get called idiots and much worse by those who disagree. And EVERYONE disagrees. Same with this gal, terminal_velo. I guess she's entitled to her opinion though. As fo
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