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  1. how so? I mean... maybe it'll keep Kiowas in operation longer.
  2. Just found out I'm going to be A troop. I know about Korea... I hope I get to go along with them, but I won't be getting there till October-ish.
  3. 58's. Thanks for the suggestions! Anyone have any luck bringing privately-owned weapons? Right now planning on leaving my guns with my parents rather than deal with the mandatory state registration.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm single and wanting to pocket some BAH... was also thinking I'd like to deal with traffic as little as possible. Would that mean close to the Wheeler gate? Or would I be better off near the North Shore? Regarding vehicles, what's the deal with motorcycles around there? Here at Rucker it's so restrictive it's not really worth having one.
  5. (because I'll be joining your ranks soon!) Not sure yet which troop. Just looking for some good advice on things like where to live... whether to ship a car over... anything I'm not thinking about that I need to start doing now. Thanks!
  6. So this House Panel that just rejected the Army's plan to take the Guard's Apaches.... does it actually mean anything?
  7. Seems to me there's something else driving the decision. The "going from 7 types to 4" argument SOUNDS good, but it's not at all valid if you're going to spend more buying and maintaining the 4 types than you ever would have with the 7.
  8. Kiowa: http://www.skatesonhaight.com/Airwolf-Shirt-War-Light-Blue-p/air519.htm
  9. Well, my main reason for wanting medevac comes from a desire to save people... military and civilians alike. It would be great to know that there were people alive because I came out and got them. Also, there's the big draw of the "scramble" mentality of medevac... you get a grid and go sprinting for the aircraft and you're outta there! As opposed to the opposite... I don't like the thought of planning for 3 days for a complex mission with a bunch of meetings and coordination and ACPs and +-30 seconds on every point. All this is based on perception... I may be way off from the reality of things. If so, hopefully someone will set me straight. I have heard that medevac pilots don't get as many hours, but I think it would be rewarding enough to make up for that.
  10. Wondering if this is even possible, or a realistic request for a WOJG to make. I know that it's "needs of the Army" but does anyone have any suggestions on how to increase the odds of getting assigned to a Medevac unit? Thanks in advance...
  11. That's the million dollar question. I wish I knew... it would make the decision a lot easier.
  12. Just got back from a pre-selection brief from the battalion SMO. They have upped the 58 class size from 6 to 8, so there are slots to be had.. if you're lucky enough to be selecting in the next few weeks. The final class begins on 14 April.
  13. Rumor has it there will be exactly 3 more 58 classes yet to begin at Rucker. Then it's finished. Part of me still wants to select Kiowas if there is a slot available in 3 weeks!
  14. Studying 58a/c 5&9's... It may be the only 58 I get to fly = (
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