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  1. I had PRK 2 1/2 years ago. Had it done by the Navy and kept every piece of paper associated with it because I knew I wanted to apply for WOFT. Had a flight physical in Dec, just took all the paperwork to the eye doctor and she filled out the waiver form. As far as I know the key papers to have are the pre-op, day of op, and a couple post-op to show that you met the before surgery standards and that everything turned out ok and has healed nicely at 3 months.
  2. So, it kills me to say this but I'm not going to be on the January board. Had a small hiccup with my flight physical and have to get blood work re-done among other things. Good news is the flight surgeon was really cool about it and it looks like once I get that done my physical will be good. It sucks to have been this close and now it looks like I'm going to have to do the SIFT, too. I guess this is the place where all the vets say "hang in there, it's worth it" because it's getting hard not to pull the plug. With that being said, good luck to everyone that will be on this board. I'm look
  3. Board is in 30 days. I hope everybody's packages are in good order. It looks like mine is going to come down to the wire. I have my physical getting redone on Tuesday so let's hope it gets approved quickly.
  4. That's exactly what is happening for me. Even the Beaufort and Hunter part. Were you at the air station or Parris Island?
  5. Not really. I think it's been pretty universal that most people applying can change it pretty much until the week prior to the board. Right now I'm scheduled for my battalion board the week before the USAREC board in January.
  6. Ok. Thanks guys. I'm just hoping it can get approved in time for the January board. I've got an appt to get it done next week so that should be enough time. If this causes me not to be on the board I'm going to flip. My recruiter kept telling me it was fine and now it's not and has to be completely re-done.
  7. So, I've had a set-back but seems like things are going to work out. I've been having some problems getting my flight physical approved by Fort Rucker. Since I am in the Marine Corps, I had my original flight physical done by the Navy. I cleared the Navy's physical and had that sent to Rucker but it's just been sitting for the last few months and haven't heard anything about it. The LTC that wrote one of my LORs had one of the soldiers look up the status (since I wasn't getting anywhere with my recruiter) and found that because of the differences in standards between the services I was missing
  8. Most of the statistics that we have for the boards is just from talking to one another and seeing who got selected and who didn't. Some of the other stats like the total number that applied and the total number accepted and such come from people asking their recruiters. Some have some of the additional info some don't. We rarely hear much from the active side. Here's a link to a article CW5 Reese put out about the overall numbers. I know it's from FY 11 so numbers will probably be different with the announcement of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the draw down of total forces. http://w
  9. That's the thing about the active side. I haven't ever heard from many people who are applying from the active side, but in the stats from last FY there seems to have been an astronomical amount of people applying compared to people applying from the civilian side.
  10. So Rob and AVIATORWANNABE, will you two be on the active duty board?
  11. That has been my experience but it has been the Officer and Warrant Officer Pilots. Every time I talk to one pilot they know somebody they want me to talk to just because. When I met with a LtCol to get a LOR, I mentioned I was having problems finding out the status of my flight physical. Within 10 minutes I knew exactly what Rucker needed to complete it. Like you said, so far my experience with Army Aviators has been a far cry from anything I've experienced in the Marine Corps.
  12. OP, I can't really give any insight (haha) on the waivers. I had PRK 2 years ago and am still waiting on my approval from Rucker. But av8rnik, I would imagine the Army will take care of you. I had my PRK through the Navy and they said if I needed a refresh they would take care of it. There were also many current pilots in the pre-surgery brief who were just getting their eyes done for the first time. They were told they were not allowed to fly for 90 days.
  13. Exactly. I understand what you're saying about why there shouldn't be a problem getting released now but can't get your CO to sign off on it. We were having the same problem in my battalion. The Marine Corps authorized early outs for up to a year early but our CO was kind of put in a bind because our battalion was so understrength. Lots of guys I know put in the paperwork anyways. CO recommended it get denied but in the end it was the Marine Corps' decision so they all got approved. Moral of the story; if the Navy is the same with the paperwork, go ahead and send it up the chain. Your CO cou
  14. Not sure about the Navy but for the Marines it would go to headquarters for the IRR(Individual Ready Reserve). And your current CO would only sign off on it if you were to do it now. You may want to contact your headquarters for personnel because I thought it was just my CO that had to sign off on it too but instead I had to go through much more legwork of writing a request, getting it signed by everyone in my chain of command (to include the first General Officer), send it to HQ Marine Corps, then they sign the DD368 and send it back down.
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