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  1. Be sure you're also using an electronic logbook. This way you have a back up in case you ever lose your paper logbook. Also the last piece of advice I would give you would be when filling out your totals at the bottom of the page, always do it in pencil. You'd be surprised how many small math errors you can make when filling out a logbook.
  2. Seems as though he may be a LT AND an Apache pilot. They are never wrong haha
  3. It still doesn't make sense though. Guard and reserve are typically called a strategic reserve. Why take all of your "reserve" 64's away? Not only do you lose the ability to have a reserve of 64s but you also lose all the drivers who get out and go to guard units. Guard unit experience is the same if not higher then the active units. I think like everyone is getting screwed here in the end
  4. That also means that while you out rank the warrants with you, you are all at the same level. Treat them as equals and it will be a great experience
  5. All 5th hand of course till the report comes out, but I'm pretty sure that unit was new to M models. Shouldn't make a difference, but who knows.
  6. Wonder if they were signed off to do the things they were doing..... So yes, PAX can matter.
  7. Isn't mono the "kissing" disease? Hmmmm haha
  8. Live off post.... Get away from the flag pole at the end of the day.
  9. I picked up my single engine sea rating at water wings as well. I also drank. A lot haha
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