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  1. So i have been out of the loop for a while, but did you get transitioned over to -47's?
  2. Might be looking bad, but for anyone who is interested in SOAR, they are below strength and looking at packets right out of flight school if you are top 10% going into airframe selection. If you get asked to assess, you go TDY after graduation for a week.
  3. Would it qualify as surgery if it is a regular dentist that extracts them and not an oral surgeon? My regular dentist removed mine so i dont think it qualified as "surgery".
  4. How much time it takes to get everything done depends on you and your recruiter. I started in May of 2012 and was selected on the September board. I think that is the exception and not the rule though. A lot of it had to do with the fact that my recruiting station had just comeplted a WOFT packet and knew what to do and I was in a similar boat as far as age goes. For most people it takes much longer because the recruiters have never done one so they are learning (if they even want to put the effort in) while they are doing it.
  5. Well it's official. The new scoring system is posted in D Co. 261 points for BOLC, I think a few less for IERW and still 100 points for the selection pt test.
  6. You will find out for sure before you start WOCS.
  7. There were a couple people that had the, removed after we finished WOCS. I had some similar medical record issues. My recruiter said that if I was not able to get the records, I could have a parent sign a letter describing what was done and the result. Basically saying everything went fine and the were no side effects or negative issues as a result.
  8. The problem is that any other warrant mos requires time in that enlisted mos before being eligible. But maybe that is not the case given what Ardo said above. But, I wouldn't worry about failing out of WOCS, flight school I can't speak to personally yet. The academics in WOCS is not difficult. The biggest hurdle is landnav, and even that isn't too hard if you listen to the advice being given during the brief. What I was told about flight school is that as long as you are doing the needed prep work for each day and showing that you are actually trying then the instructors will work with you. I guess if you just really can't grasp flying or something like instruments then they might let you go, but I wouldn't worry about that right now.
  9. Per you're contract you sign, you fail WOCS you revert to enlisted and needs of the Army as mentioned. You fail flight school and you lose you warrant rank and revert to enlisted and needs of the Army. The reality as it stands at this moment. If you fail out of WOCS, you will likely be processed out off the Army. If you fail out of flight school, you will likely be processed out of the Army. With the draw downs, that is what we have been told. That is for active duty though, if you are guard or reserve it might work differently. Good luck.
  10. I would but better to have another AD person look at it. It was a different format for civilian side.
  11. Anyone know where this would be posted?
  12. I know one guy drove his pov from Jackson down. I think it is more up to your BCT commander. He/she would be the one to sign off on you making the drive. If you do you just leave it in the lot where everyone stores their vehicles during WOCS.
  13. i hear the group that selected last week of the week before didnt have any 47 slots. Let us know what the break down turns out to be.
  14. Rumor around the water cooler is that the OML breakdown is changing to put less emphasis on the PT test and more on BOLC. Anyone hear something similar?
  15. For the 7 week course i think we got coffee at the end of week 2 or beginning of week 3. most of us were jittery that first day.
  16. They are serious here at Rucker about alcohol. The way it is briefed to us, you get a DUI or have an issue that is alcohol related you are done and will get processed out. Try to plead your case to the CG, but good luck with that. Not to say that you will have issues if selected, but it continues to happen here. I can imagine that what runs through their mind is why take a chance when there are X umber of fully qualified packets that don't. But if it were me, keep fighting. Make the USAREC board be the one to tell you yes or no, not the recruiting battalion. It all comes down to how much you want it.
  17. I would say try to go to another battalion too. I was the only one for my battalion last year.
  18. My opinion is that the only thing that is the same as WOCS is the culture stuff. I think the aviation stuff is actually interesting and most of the instructors are solid instructors, at least the ones we have had. The maintenance and supply stuff is dry but good to have some exposure to.
  19. I think major credit problems can be a roadblock.
  20. They allowed ptdy but not to go get your stuff. If you took ptdy you had to stay local and be actively looking for a place. The know about the alaract message for street to seaters, but the commander is choosing to not follow it.
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