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  1. What's your problem? We just offer flight time here for a price what we can represent. Not every ferry flight is a "must flight" which has to be flow, like maintenance etc. Some flights are calculated like this and if you would read our website you would know that we're specialized in Turbine Flight Training. If you find a flight for $200 (doesn't matter if R22, ASTAR or Black Hawk), be happy and do it and don't comment something stupid where you actually have no plan how our calculations look like! We are not a charity institute! That's a great price and we still have enough students who are happy with our business, especially our pricings. And by the way, we are the cheapest flight school on the market right now. Just look on our Training pricings, my friend!! I never clamped someone to do this "VERY EXPENSIVE RIP-OFF" ferry flight, like you think :-D Too funny sometimes what people think about aviation and the calculations, especially if they have no idea about real costs! But thanks for your great posts ^^
  2. Build Turbine Time on a ferry flight departing in Tallahassee Regional Airport (KTLH) to Sarasota-Bradenton Intl. Airport (KSRQ) for just $450 an hour on the Robinson R66 Turbine. The flight itself takes about 3 to 4 hours but you will have a safetypilot (CFI) with you and can weather decide to do the standard flight like said above to get experience in a Turbine powered Aircraft or you decide to do some advanced Training maneuvers on the way down: For example: The Aircraft is full IFR equipped and you can do some IFR Approaches to log IFR, Turbine, X/C and PIC Time. Or you decide to do a Turbine Transition Course, which includes a Total of about 8 hours of flying and 5 hours of ground. You see, there are several ideas how we can do the flight and it is definitely a fun Tour. We will land somewhere grap a coffee and make a nice trip. Questions? - Contact us on: Heli Aviation Florida, LLC 8191 North Tamiami Trail, Hangar B1 Sarasota, Florida 34243 info@heliaviation-florida.com www.heliaviation-florida.com Call: 503-488-0555 and follow us on www.facebook.com/HeliAviationFlorida
  3. Ok, Pro! Please show me your Calculation how to operate a Turbine Helicopter for $275 which includes Profit, Fuel, Operating Expenses, Insurance, Overhaul, Leasing, Hangar, CFI etc. Please provide also real world proofs! I'm curious about it :-D
  4. We are looking for a ferry pilot who wants to build turbine time and PIC time between December 17th and 20th, 2012 for just $350 an hour on a 5-hours flight, departing in Tallahassee, Florida (KTLH) to Sarasota, Florida (KSRQ) on a Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter. Remember, Turbine experiences are one of the basic requirements in the aviation industry to start into a flying career. Questions? - Contact us now: Heli Aviation Florida, LLC 8191 North Tamiami Trail, Hangar B1 Sarasota, Florida 34243 info@heliaviation-florida.com Call: 503-488-0555 www.heliaviation-florida.com Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/HeliAviationFlorida
  5. Heli Aviation Florida is looking for a Student Pilot who wants to Build Turbine Time on a 20-hours ferry flight, departing in Florida to Oregon in August 15th, 2012. Hourly Price will be $275 an hour. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO: info@heliaviation-florida.com www.heliaviation-florida.com www.facebook.com/HeliAviationFlorida
  6. Heli Aviation Florida provides TURBINE TIME on the brand new Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter for just $450 USD an hour. So you have the opportunity to log PIC Turbine time while you are working on your flying skills for your PPL, CPL, IFR, CFI or other trainings and you can do this in a combination on part or full R66 and or R44. The best price option is following offer - Heli Aviation Florida is looking for a Studentpilot or Pilot who wants to build turbine time on a ferry flight, departing in Florida to Oregon, through Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California in July 22nd with one of our experienced CFI's on the left seat and you as the PIC on the right seat in our brand new Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter. The second flight is the returning Tour on the same Route in August 15th. The flight takes 28 flight hours in around 3 days and starts on our Partner base "Tallahassee Helicopters" for just $275 an hour. Use this great opportunity and get a Mountain Experience and Turbine Transition Endorsement, and lots of flying experience in High Density Conditions, which is great for your pilot career. Cheaper than any turbine helicopter and Robinson R44! You never get this opportunity again. LOG 28-HOURS OF... Pilot-in-Command Cross-Country Turbine Time Night Time Simulated Instrument ... and get an Endorsement for your Training (PPL; CPL; IFR; ATPL; CFII...)! No minimum requirements as a Pilot! You can also take a friend for free with you in the back Seats, if you want (Passenger weight not more than 220lbs). And you have also the opportunity to do just the half way of the flight, so you safe money and get also enough experience. This price includes anything and is the lowest turbine price in the US right now!! Let us know if you need some informations and we'll send it to you as soon as possible. CONTACT US TODAY: (Nick) +1-503-488-0555 info@heliaviation-florida.com www.heliaviation-florida.com www.facebook.com/HeliAviationFlorida
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