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  1. Its quite funny to see how vast the different opinions are on this topic. I was in a Gen Cody brief last week who said very confidently when asked the Kiowa was going no where. He referenced the discussions at the Pentagon and Administration level he was privy to.
  2. The only running around you NEED to do can be done on foot. Other than that, its easy to bum rides from others that are there waiting.
  3. We may just be here a little longer. Leaving flight school as a CW2? Actually, we were just briefed by B Co yesterday that organizations all across post had put in requests for students on hold because of the anticipated bubbles coming down the line.
  4. Which is exactly why some people are getting held up...
  5. Just makung sure it is started will go a long way. Ask about the status.
  6. Your recruiter can help you do this via the security manager at MEPS.
  7. His graduation included a hail and farewell ceremony.
  8. A heads up for those going to WOCS. Make sure your clearance is in order, i.e. have a security manager verify it in JPAS. We had one candidate get pulled from our class because his clearance was never initiated. He set in hold status the entire time I was I was in WOCS. The last class to start apparently had several with the same issue. Unless you want to sit around for weeks on end waiting make sure you verify your clearance is tracking properly before you leave. This seems to be a habitual problem that is easily fixed if people are aware.
  9. Any idea on transportation from Dothan to Rucker. Taxi I assume.
  10. Out of MEPS and on the road to Jackson. DC8488 out.
  11. I'll bite. Leaning heavy towarda 58s right now, wrestling is my addiction.
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