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  1. They didn't inspect ours but they inspected the guys across the street.
  2. You report in ACU's. Don't worry about getting the unit patch until you get to Rucker. During the 10 days before you class up you will have more than enough time. During the 10 days you can go home at night if you have a place here already or they will give you a room in the barracks about 1/2 mile from HHC. Wait to stencil your stuff there so that way you use the proper stencils and have others to clarify some things that might be unclear. There's a stencil machine at HHC for you to use. If free to ask anything else.
  3. Its pretty much just 2 extra weeks of resident academics. So instead of doing the DL portion and clicking through powerpoints on your own computer at home you have to sit through the powerpoint classes at Rucker for those subjects. Don't worry about the 7 week course. Since you guys are there longer you have more time to earn more privileges than the 5 week guys. Our 7 week sister class had more freedom than we did as a 5 weeker even though we were senior to them and graduated before them.
  4. Typical day is something like this (it varies depending on phase of training, your TAC team, etc) Youll wake up anywhere from 0345 to 530. Usually at 530 unless something special is going on like ruck marches. On Sundays you get up at 0600. You have about 10 mins to get out of bed and get downstairs for formation. You cant sleep on top of your bed you have to get under the covers, they check. You can't wait up early either, they check for that too. Youll be late at first no matter what. It takes a few days to get 70+ ppl coordinated enough to get ready in 10 mins. But you'll get it. Youll do PT from around 550-650/0700. PT can be easy or hard depending on your level of fitness and your TAC team. Some classes get run into the ground with body armor on for PT. Some classes don't run much at all, just depends. After PT youll have about 25 mins or so to shower and change and conduct common area clean up which is cleaning the barracks. Our time was usually split with 15 mins to shower and change and 10 mins to clean up. Don't be in your room when its time to clean up the barracks. Then youll eat breakfast. Chow isn't like basic, no scarfing your food down in 3 minutes or anythingIts youll have a decent amount of time to eat. Its disciplined dining so no talking, looking around, watching tv, etc. Then you'll go to academics until around noon. The academic instructors aren't TAC Officers so they are pretty chill. Most are former Warrants so they understand what you are going through. Pay attention, take notes. You'll take a test every Friday over about 5 different subjects covered throughout the week. Its fast and furious so pay attention and get with your buddies. Flashcards work best in my opinion. After lunch you will be with your TAC's for about an hour. Depending on the Officer they will do anything from leave you alone to talk to your group to smoke you to make you write papers. All depends on your Officer. After lunch you go back to academics until dinner. After dinner you will do anything from get smoked to sit outside and study. Depends on the TAC team. Mandatory study time is an hour each night, make sure you study. Do it for yourself and to not get yourself in trouble. If you aren't sitting at your desk with your face in a book they will harass you and make you do a variety of things like write memo's, papers, yell at you, etc. Lights out is around 2230. Then rinse and repeat.
  5. Alright everyone I just recently graduated from WOCS and will try to answer any questions you may have about everything up to this point (Packet, arrival, Rucker, WOCS, etc). I did the 5 week course seeing how I am a former NCO but I know a bit about the 7 week course too. The old saying that the course is always changing is very true. The place is controlled chaos to the point that what we were allowed to do in my class the candidates across the street weren't allowed to do and vice versa. So many of the answers to your questions will be along the lines of "it depends on your class" but I will try to give the best answer that I can. Fire away.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Few more questions. What do we do for 10 days? Is it all in-processing or is there training and pt? Are we confined to a certain area or can we leave post? Id like to goto the gym will I have time? What about using my pov to get around during these 10 days? Do we have weekends off? Just want to get a gauge of day to day life for these 10 days before class actually starts. Called HHC again today but the guy just got there and had no idea. Thanks again.
  7. Any of you headed there this Sunday Class 13-009? I have a few questions as well. My orders say to report in ASU's and my Orientation Packet says to report in ACU's. I'm confused as to which is correct, I also called HHC twice and I got 2 different answers...And what time should we get there on our report date? Again I have gotten multiple answers ranging from "try to be there before 0800" to "don't show up until 1400". My report date is this Sunday so I'm wondering if it being on a Sunday has any bearing on time. Also are there any sure fire deal breakers that will automatically send you packing? Such as paperwork missing etc? I've gone over everything countless times but I just want to make sure. Also do they give the "overweight" guys a hard time or do they just not care as long as you meet the body fat standards? I'm short and bulky and have been this way for my whole career (being a Tanker will pack the muscle on you over the years). Hopefully they don't frown upon those who have to be taped. PT is no problem for me (scored 286 last record). I just don't want to get on the radar right away. And when is the entry PT test? Is it during the 10 day in processing phase or is it on day 0 of actual WOCS? Thanks in advance.
  8. It really is a great feeling. I understand that Rucker won't be like this. I've been in the Army awhile so I understand the difference between training and "real" Army. It's just great to have so much help and encouragement from those around me who honestly don't even know me. Being enlisted and in combat arms that sort of thing isn't nearly as prevalent. I'm just not used to it. I will definitely pass this characteristic on once I become a Warrant Officer. I do it now already and will continue to do so. Since I got selected (something that everyone in my unit said was rare, improbable, not likely, etc) many Soldiers have come forth wanting to give it a try since they see that it actually is possible. I'm currently helping 3 different Soldiers put together packets and giving them the connections that I have. One of them is actually my Platoon Sgt who had been trying to do this for years but never quite knew where to start. Within a week we've completed about half of his packet. Its so much easier to do this when you have help. I'll be sure to continue extending the same guidance to others as was given to me.
  9. Ever since I downloaded the sample packet all the way up through selection and beyond it seems like every warrant officer I have met, whether active or retired, or any aviator for that matter, has been extremely helpful. More than I could have imagined. I've had guys calling in favors, cancelling appointments to meet me, calling me to ask if I needed anything, etc. When I was in a crunch and needed a DA photo immediately the CW5 I was speaking with called the place himself and said I was his soldier and I needed priority and needed to get put in the next day. The photos were booked for months. I got my photo the next day. When I took one of my flight physicals my blood pressure spiked because of anxiety. The nurses were less than helpful and tried to just DQ me. The flight surgeon walked in and said that I just needed to relax and it was no biggie. The nurses complained as it was time for them to get off. The surgeon said that nobody was going home until I passed my BP test. So I sat there after hours thinking about beaches and waves and calmed down and passed. They weren't happy, but I was thankful. I got selected and needed to know my class date quickly due to my unit pressuring me. Everyone I called said to just wait. I ran into a CW2 during lunch and simply approached him and asked him what I should do. He sat there with me for about an hour calling a friend who called a friend who called a higher friend who knew something and got my class date emailed to me early, the next day. Every few days I get a phone call or a text from various Warrant Officers asking how I'm doing and if I needed anything or if my unit was being cooperative with me and my decision to become a pilot. And they mean it. One time when my unit wasn't being exactly cooperative with some paperwork a CW5 I met gave them a ring and said it needed to get resolved, time now. Needless to say I wasn't given the runaround anymore. All the Warrants I speak with say its a far cry from the regular army Im used to. I guess its why so many of them seem to stay in until they are literally forced to retire. Is this how the community is overall? If so it's a great feeling.
  10. As the title says my flight physical taken September 2011 will expire on March 31 of 2013 according to the local flight surgeon. I attend WOCS in February and am scheduled to graduate on March 27 I believe. The flight surgeon here says that it should be fine since it extends through my scheduled school date even though it expires days after graduation. Plus I will have to get another physical after graduating WOCS anyway before IERW correct? Just want to make sure this is accurate information and I won't arrive at Rucker with any issues regarding the physical expiring so close to my graduation date. The flight surgeon here is extremely helpful and has been with me for over a year. He admitted that he wasn't entirely sure about how things work after I leave WOCS and has been trying to get in contact with others who may know. Since its the holidays everyone is gone so neither him or I can get a definite answer. I don't want to undermine his position but I would like a definite answer and not a 90% sure type answer. Would anyone here know the answer to this question?
  11. I am a firm believer that the PT test is half mental if not more. Today I took the standard APFT at work and scored a 283. Highest score I've ever gotten. I ran a 14:28 which is over a minute faster than I have ever run before. May not like a great time to some but for me it personally blew my mind. All I kept thinking about was how I don't want to be the guy in the back falling out in WOCS. So for the first time ever I literally gave it my all. I always max the push ups and sit ups but the run always gets me. Hell I would have failed a few PT tests if I was in the young guys age bracket. Now the running gag at work about my running time is that since I finally got selected I now have a reason to care, and they are right. Before I would run during PT in the mornings and whatnot and not really care since Im now in the position to where they look at other things when deciding promotions besides how fast you can run. Getting a great PT score is little more than bragging rights at my level. But today I just decided to literally go all out and see how well I would do just for myself personally. I remember sprinting to the finish line and both my platoon sgt and section sgt were standing there smiling and laughing like wtf? Ill be honest, I smoke pretty often and I live in Colorado. Living here will knock off at least a minute from everybodys run time and smoking doesn't help to say the least. Moral is to find whatever it is that will make you dig deep. You will be shocked at how much better you can do when you find the key to unlocking whatever it may be that makes you keep going when you want to say screw this. For me it was as simple as picturing myself in the cockpit every single time I got tired on the run when I usually slow down and stop trying so much. Pushups 78 Sit ups 97 2 mile run 14:28 So Im pretty happy, got the highest score in the platoon besides our LT but its their whole job to PT so he doesnt count. The minimum score to get into OCS is a 295 for them so...just thought I'd share.
  12. From what I've been seeing lately it seems like being enlisted seems to make up for lower scores on the tests and the college part. I've been researching other forums and from this last board it seems like the enlisted guys wouldn't stand a chance against most of you civilians if we were all grouped together. That would be about the only advantage of being enlisted first. But then look at FY 2011 and you would much rather be a civilian trying. Just depends on the year when they decide which side they want more. On the Active side we had an 18 year old Private with no college and no real military experience with like a 116 AFAST and a 120 GT score get picked up this last board. The USAREC board is just weird, nobody honestly seems to know how they choose candidates. Right when you think you've found a formula they'll throw a curveball and select someone like the aforementioned Private. That whole 3.5 undergrad GPA just to get in is BS. A person got picked up in September with just an AA degree alone. Plus it isn't THAT uncommon to see true "high school to flight school" candidates get selected. Literally 18 year old kids who graduated high school in the spring and were in WOCS by the fall. I've personally seen it happen.
  13. I believe for the Navy you can be no older than 27 at the time of Commission and 31 under certain circumstances.
  14. x2 As long as you don't make the mistake of thinking you HAVE to get a place that costs as much as your BAH then you'll be good. I know way too many Soldiers who think that just because they get $1000 in BAH they must get a place that costs $1000. I always live off post, I just love the feeling of going "home" at the end of the day and through that gate. Only downside is having to wake up earlier in the morning to commute and compensate for traffic at the gate.
  15. Yeah the Army is weird with promotions. I've known guys who have been E-4s for 5 years who are actually very good Soldiers. I know a medic who went from E-4 to E-6 in about 18 months. I know plenty of people who went from E-2 to E-5 in 2 years flat in Commo, Infantry, Scouts, and Tankers. Hell a friend of mine went from E-3 to E-5 within the span of our 12 month deployment. The latest trend has been the medics and Infantry getting the fast promotions. But I remember when I first got in the Army my roommate was an E-4 with like 2 years in and I was a brand new private. We both got promoted to E-5 at the same time so...
  16. That would suck pretty bad. I can swim I just can't tread water. Im sure Ill be fine though.
  17. Don't think about the promotions, think about the job. The infantry and medics promote faster than pretty much anyone in the military but I have zero desire to do either of those. Apache mechanics don't get the luxury of flying with the airframe like 15T's do. But to answer your question my MOS is also way overstrength yet we still get promoted when the time comes. We just have more Specialists than Privates now that's all. As far an NCO promotions...when the time comes your unit will send you to the board if you are competent. But by that time you better be in WOCS anyway Soldier! I don't know how guard promotions work but on AD you have to wait at least 18 months to get promoted to E-4 anyway.
  18. No the email has no phone number on it. I called my CW5 back for a phone number but he said his G1 only gave him the email. I asked my CoC for the number they called and of course got the "It's already been taken care of, Battalion handled it." I emailed that point of contact to see what can be done. I met a CW2 at lunch the other day and just asked him about this whole thing. He said all it takes is a simple phone call from people in high places to get your WOCS date pushed back if they really need you here. He knew a guy in his class who got his WOCS date pushed back by like 8 months so that he could deploy with his unit. He was a tech guy though so he didn't have this "magical" number that everyone seems to have but me. Its all about numbers for this unit. Bottom line is that they are going TDY and want EVERYONE to go. We have guys getting out of the military in January who are going to this thing. The unit tried this same thing with our supply guy who came down on DA Orders for Recruiter. They called up and got his orders pushed back to next year so that he could go. He called them right back and got his orders pushed back to where they were and is leaving next month. CoC is furious at him. Like I said I don't mind going with my guys. I even sat down with my CoC and told them I will accommodate them as best I can by going TDY and staying as long as I can as long as they just gave me about 2 weeks to clear and move. That wasn't good enough I guess. I was looking forward to going since this will be my last training exercise with the tanks that I love. But now I'm just bitter because of how they went about this whole thing.
  19. Well yeah but BOLC, SERE and the Dunker come before IERW. No time to do those with that schedule. But its being said that the dates aren't locked in so I won't worry about it.
  20. Yeah I got my email for my WOCS school date yesterday, it says Feb 20 to March 26 or something, then IERW starting on 30 March.
  21. Hmmm, got an email today with an IERW course date scheduled for 4 days after I graduate WOCS... A misprint perhaps? I thought BOLC, SERE, and the dunker came before IERW...
  22. Oh sorry for the bad info. Haven't been in the BCT loop for a few years...
  23. Prior service doesn't attend basic they attend what's called a Warrior Transition Course if they come from other branches.
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