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  1. Awesome Yamer! Be the absolute best Soldier that you can be and your pilot career will fall into place.
  2. Well guys heres the update. Problem is solved I got my class date for Feb 20 of next year. My CoC got a hold of Branch before I did (my CoC told me they contacted branch yesterday and miraculously the next day I got an email with my class date.) They said they needed me here for now for all of the upcoming events. So now I have to wait until all of the upcoming events are done to leave. Pretty bummed, maybe it was all coincidence but it seems fishy. Oh well at least I have a date to look forward to.
  3. Youd be surprised at the small things that make a huge difference. Lets say for example you and another applicant have very similar credentials and he has a 250 PT score and you have a 265PT score? Who do you think they will take? When sitting down with the CW5 that did my LOR who used to be on the board I asked a similar question. On my dress uniform I had Marksmanship badges for 9mm and M4. My 9mm was sharpshooter and my M4 was Expert. He asked about my 9mm score. I told him that I actually scored expert on the most recent 9mm range but didn't update it for the DA photo. I asked him if it really mattered that much between expert and sharpshooter on a pistol range. He simply sat back, winked, and smiled saying "You would be shocked at the things we pay attention to when selecting candidates". Food for thought
  4. I received my email from ATRRS telling me to sign up for the Phase 1 DL portion of WOCS today. For those who don't know this is the online part of WOCS that can be completed for those enlisted who have completed WLC and attend the 5 week course. The funny part is that my 1SGT also gets the email and in the email it said I had a report date of 1 OCT and the location stated Fort Rucker. He found me in the hallway and was like hey man get to Battalion S1 right now and start clearing, I got your orders you report next week. Im like wait wtf? There is no way... So after everyone in my chain of command, including myself, had minor heart attacks I looked at the email and noticed it was the online portion, and not the actual date for Phase 2 WOCS. I haven't even received my RFO yet... Just goes to show you how on edge everyone is about me now. Now the Command Sergeant Major is in the loop and wants answers as to when Im leaving right now. Ive emailed every single person I have found that has anything to do with the Aviation side. Recruiter, Proponent, Accessions Branch LTC, Accessions Branch CW5, and the CW5 who did my LOR. I even called the AGR Accessions Branch for Aviation. Nobody returns my calls or replies to my emails. I was given an email address for Accessions Branch by the CW5 that I know. I shot them an email but they don't have an actual phone number to call. My 1SGT said he needs a number to contact by pretty much tomorrow. I told him that I honestly don't know what to give him. Every single person in my Company is asking me for a report date or at least an estimate. They told me there has to be some way to find out besides waiting for the RFO to arrive. I'm starting to believe them but I don't know who would have that info. Im bugging Branch but nobody is returning any calls or emails to me. Any ideas guys?
  5. Yeah I figured that's the case. I'm just excited for the course. I'm one of those people who researches the hell out of anything before I go. The fact that SERE is so secretive is what makes it so intriguing to me. I can't wait...even though from the testimonies I've heard Im sure Ill be eating those words lol.
  6. So to get the record straight this is the same level SERE course as the SF guys go through correct? I've read that the one at Rucker isn't the same as the one at Mackall (where the SF goes) even though they are both C level courses.. I've heard that ours wasn't "as bad" and it focuses more on the evasion and survival portion rather than the resistance phase. This was all on different forums while searching through Google. Any truth to this or do you know? Or is this part of the classified information?
  7. Yeah I figured it was something like that. Oh well just one more small step on my road to my dreams.
  8. Check out a guy named Buzzerfly on youtube. He's an Apache pilot as has some nice videos of him flying around in Afghanistan.
  9. Thanks for the insight, please continue to post about your progress Im sure everyone here would love the information. I'd like to chime in and give some insight into Army life itself for those about to join, whether enlisted or WOFT. Army schools are designed to be stressful and make you think "this is stupid". Every school has these core characteristics. Hell almost all training in the Army is like this. Some of the stuff you do really is stupid, but some of it is designed to look stupid to strengthen your character. You'll learn this as you advance in your military career. Know when to be invisible and know when to stand out. I'm looking forward to the challenge of WOFT in its entirety. I feel this is the next level of my Army career and one that suits me personally. But man I'm going to miss my guys... a lot. My core philosophy is as follows: No matter what they can't kill you, many others have done this before you, and it will all end one day. Maybe this is why I'm one of those super crazy people actually looking forward to SERE training. Everyone says it is the best training in the military that they never ever want to have to do again. I'm sure Ill be changing my mind very quickly though once I get there.
  10. If you can provide the certificate of completion of your SERE-C level course then you will not have to take it again. Did Army aircrews always have to take the level C course or was it the B course prior? For some reason everyone I've ever talked to in the Army seems to think that pilots don't attend the full SERE course which includes the "fun phase" at the end.
  11. I'm not too worried about SERE, I know its psychological and physical hell but after the battlefields of Kandahar Afghanistan I've convinced myself that I can do pretty much anything. I understand that I will likely be doing remedial swim training. My question is that will they just work with you until you finally get it or is there a time when they give up on you. I've been trying to learn how to tread water for 25 years. And for some reason no matter who tries to teach me I just simply can't get it lol.
  12. So I was at a buddy of mines house watching football today and literally out of nowhere he just says "Man wait a minute, don't they like dunk a cockpit in the pool with you in it during flight school? How are you gonna do that when your a$$ can't swim lol?" I kinda never really thought about that until then. I read online that you have to do a pre screen where you tread water with flight gear then swim the length of the pool and do some shallow end drills. But I can't tread water, I can kinda swim while moving but I can't stop lol. I know they do remedial training for those who can't swim too well but is there a limit on how many chances you get or how much time they will spend trying to teach someone how to swim? Im pretty sure I could swim out of the mock cockpit, but I can't tread water in just swim trucks, let alone with gear lol.
  13. Im so glad that they have 2 separate pools for enlisted and civilians. You civilians are getting AFAST and GT scores that I literally didn't even think were possible lol. I'm pretty sure us enlisted guys would be screwed if we had to compete with you guys. If we were all grouped together they probably would have thrown my packet out the window lol. WOFTApp, Great looking information. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be selected.
  14. Congrats Yamer! Very few things on Earth are as rewarding as the day you graduate basic training and become an official member of the most powerful fighting force in the history of mankind. Welcome to the US Army! Be the best Soldier that you can be and never ever forget where your heart lies. I want to see you in the air in a few years!
  15. I believe you just keep getting delayed until you get everything resolved. I think, not sure. I've heard of guys waiting up to a year to finally attend WOCS due to issues. Not sure if there is a deadline to get everything done though. Whats the deal with your flight physical?
  16. Well I heard they don't do WOCS in December due to block leave. So if I get orders in October the next school date is in November as far as ATTRS says. Maybe ill go in January instead or maybe get quick shipped in November. The Branch guy never emailed me back and won't return my calls. I'm not even sure its the right one.
  17. How long after you got your orders was your report date? I talked to my platoon Sgt again today about this he said 1sgt would flip if I got orders to report while at NTC. I'm still trying to convince them that I'm likely going to get orders before we leave. I don't want to keep pressuring it to piss them off but I'm seriously trying to save them from the headache that they don't want to deal with which is me having to cut NTC short. Oh well..
  18. Well Yamer just so you know your MOS has zero to do with getting selected for WOFT. That's directly out of the mouth of the CW5 that wrote my LOR who used to sit on the board. If you want to be a 15T just to work with the Blackhawks until you get selected then great. But don't think its something you have to do in order to better your chances at selection. The only advantage would be gaining some personal experience with army aviation and being around Warrant Officers who can give you an LOR. I'm an Abrams tanker, the farthest thing from a helicopter.
  19. A lot of people are "overweight" yet meet the BF standards in the Army. If you are below like 5'8 and do any sort of weight lifting then you're likely to fall into that category. If your PT score shows that you are in shape and don't actually fail height and weight then I think your packet will be fine. I'm 5'6 170lbs and look a bit chubby until I take off my ACU top and people see the muscles from the weight lifting I do. It's always funny when I buy new uniforms because the lady there can never figure out why nothing fits fight since my thighs are huge. It's up to you though
  20. Im torn between the Kiowa and the Apache. For me the Kiowa is just plain cool and I love the small helo feel and the mission it has. When deployed I always loved watching the Apache/Kiowa teams flying around with us overhead. The Apache is well...the Apache. The baddest Attack Helicopter in the US arsenal. Half of me wants to fly that for the simple fact that its the Apache. Not many people outside of aviation enthusiasts and military personnel know what the Kiowa is. But walk into any room and say you are an Apache pilot and everyone will say "Sweet!". Plus I've already conquered Abrams Tanks. If I get slotted for Attack helicopters then I will literally have done the two absolute coolest jobs the US military has to offer. I really want to fly either of those two for the simple fact that I know first hand how it feels to be a ground pounder and need help from the air. I watched an Apache/Kiowa team light up some insurgents that blew up one of our convoys and ran into some trees to hide and ambush the search party (my squad). We called for help and they delivered with a vengeance. They likely saved our lives. I want to be able to support our ground troops in that same manner.
  21. No it doesn't work like that unfortunately. Chain of Command means I have to go through the proper channels to talk to the battalion commander. Plus me being enlisted I wouldn't deal with him anyway I'd talk to the Battalion Command Sergeant Major. Even if my unit is uncooperative if go over their heads they get upset. That whole "open door policy" in regards to talking to higher ups is not as cut and dry as people think. Walk into the Battalion Commander or CSMs office without your Company level command knowing and you're dead. Even though the Army claims otherwise. You MIGHT be able to walk into the Company Commanders office and talk to him, but anyone higher than him you better have permission. I emailed the Chief of Warrant Officer Assignments for Aviation today and told him about my situation. Maybe he will be able to give me some information on what to do.
  22. It's company level, I told them everything that you said but they are stubborn. I also asked why send me to NTC to train for our deployment next year when I'm not going to be here. It's all about numbers for them. I want to talk to battalion but I don't want to piss my unit off by going over their head and they pull some underhanded crap and screw me. I need to talk to my branch manager for WOCS here but I have no idea who to call for information. Do you know who I should talk to?
  23. Now that I think about it I believe that's exactly what they'll try to do to me. He said he would have the school date denied and get me sent on a later date. I guess I mistook that for flat out denying my orders. But if they talk to branch before I get my RFO then they can do whatever they want without me even knowing. I wonder if I can call branch before they do and let them know I have a pending RFO. But they should already be tracking since its on my AKO assignments that I have an approved WOCS packet. Now I wonder whose side branch would be on...
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