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  1. My story is the same as all the others it seems. Former military with a clearance. Did 2 of them and both times was told I was trying to manipulate the test results. Just anecdotal but told a friend that deals with poly's a fair bit what happened and he was telling me they are administering and using the test incorrectly.
  2. In your opinion what should be the typical pilot progression through a career? I agree that HEMS should be towards the end of a career but I can also understand why pilots gravitate towards it so quickly.
  3. Yes this topic has been beaten to death and you should use the search function as this question in various forms has been answered many many times. I believe the consensus among most pilots right now is do not leave an established career to pursue flying helicopters as a career. There is quite a few recent threads discussing this topic that you may want to read through. While they may not be your exact situation, it will give you insight into the industry at the moment. Also, unless you have connections in high places within the industry, you will need more than your commercial pilot. Its not impossible but much more difficult to get the necessary hours within the industry without a CFI.
  4. I belive you can still use them without a degree progm but some different rules apply. There is a cap to it that is, or was, around 10,000. I could be off on my numbers, it has been a few years since I dealt with all this shenanigens. The school and program still have to be approved through the VA as well.
  5. The numbers I have read, nothing official so take with a grain of salt, is they are looking for 75-100 pilots. My story goes much the same as everyone else that has failed. Until they do something about the polygraph they are going to continue to have trouble hiring. I don't know what the answer is but something has to change.
  6. I remember getting the call from the station about a helicopter down. Had to turn the flight down. dark over mountains doesnt work well for eng. i was messaging every ems pilot i know making sure it wasnt them.
  7. Ill be there for the June 3rd class. Cant help ya with any hook ups though. I believe a friend of mine from a different flight school should be there as well.
  8. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, I dont have to worry too much about weight. Although I know its not going to last forever so I try to eat well, take my dogs for a run in the morning. I have a couple of friends that are a good bit over 200 pounds. Great pilots but as said before this industry is big on weight.
  9. Congrats. Takin my instrument checkride on Tuesday.
  10. I feel your pain. Went through the same struggle before I signed up for this semester. One of the biggest parts that sold me on the 22 is scheduling the 44 is a nightmare. Only thing Im not lookin forward to in the 22 is the cross countries.
  11. I agree with with AS350. While I definitely see the need and value to events like Helisuccess. (went this year and plan on going next year). I also think a lot of networking is the day to day flying. Or visiting places and just talking to the pilots there. And like you said, sometimes you dont even have to talk about helicopters. Sometimes I think people get caught up in that you have to network with people that have more hours or are the hiring authorities in a company. Sometimes its just becoming good friends the people that you fly with now that are in the same boat as you. If they move on and for whatever reason you dont, maybe a little while down the road they might be able to help you get another job. A quote I heard and could have been from here: "Be nice to your copilot now because he could be your chief pilot tomorrow" Not sure who said it but so true.
  12. If you go to his youtube channel, he has a bunch of videos flying. Mostly fire fighting and utility work. Good for a watch if you happen to have some extra time.
  13. Does anybody have any info on why the change? The general consensus at my school is that if that clutch light is on for 7 or 8 seconds we are still pulling the clutch cb and landing immediately regardless of the new sn. I'm not sure if the extra 2 or 3 seconds would make any difference but still. Any more info on why would be greatly appreciated.
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