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  1. Thanks for the reply. That sure is interesting, my WOSM seems the think that I'm still doing that.
  2. That's interesting, I'm supposed to be in 19-02 as a Guard guy. They're trying to get this DL stuff for me ( I know, danger close) and I don't think they have a clue about everything you're saying. My little welcome aboard packet from the Primary TAC made no mention of class duration. Yeah, my co-worker was in that one. She was street to seat and they had her in their little "Starship Candidates" video on Youtube. This is really interesting, I've been kind of stressing about the DL since it hasn't come back for me on ATTRS but maybe I just end up doing it in-class.
  3. Good luck fella's, I'm allegedly in 19-002 and have not been confirmed for DL through ATTRS so this is interesting. I've been tagged by the Primary TAC in the e-mail chain for the class so I'm really stuck waiting at this point.
  4. I'm in the DC Guard now, waiting for the first drill then I can inquire about flying. Speaking of New River, I was just there this weekend. That place has changed, indoor pool and a few new massive hangars! I'm kinda upset I didn't re up for crew chief ( thats aircrew/non rated flyers for the other branches)
  5. I hear that man, I'm tired of working on them, ready to fly them. It's a real kick in the dick when the pilots let me turn up to 100nr for a ground turn. enjoyable, but a kick in the dick.Best of luck
  6. Thanks man, although like I said, it's not ideal but it'll do.
  7. Well as it turns out, I just signed with the DC Guard and it's great to be back in some sort of form of the military lol. I'll be a 15T, not my first choice but there aren't many options at Belvoir
  8. Lol, my friend just sent me those via text, CV's if I'm not mistaken. We just started that testing again here at pax.
  9. Yea there were a lot of problems with supply back in the day, it really is all coming together now which is great. Although, it was nice to be able have a broken component and know that it wasn't coming until tomorrow lol. I know one problem we had in Iraq was the Proprotor Gearbox pin wearing out and we had to change all 24 which, of course, hurt readiness. In spite of that, we didn't have to drop missions. It's great to see the platform grow over time and also all of the cool improvements and ideas that engineers etc. come up with and implement. I will miss it when I move over to rotary from powered lift lol
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