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    Mark Stanton
    Owner, Pilot, and Mechanic
    Mark is the Kiwi in KiwiAir. A native of New Zealand, Mark has been in aviation for over twenty years, and has been flying helicopters for more than ten years. He has spent several seasons in Alaska flying utility and seismic support, long-line applications, tours, fish and game support, etc. You name it, Mark has probably done it in a helicopter in Alaska. Having a wife who hails from Clarkston, Washington, and wanting to spend more time closer to home, Mark has brought all of his flying expereinces back to the mountains, canyons, and plateaus of the Columbia Basalt region year round.
  1. Helicopter Services While helicopter flight seeing tours are our specialty, we have experience and are equipped to provide a variety of services, from precision long-line work, to aerial survey and photography, to cattle herding and agricultural support. Our location allows us to easily support jobs in central to eastern Oregon, central to eastern Washington, and central and northern Idaho. We are an FAA Part 135 and Part 133 certified operator and are licensed, and insured, to provided a variety of services to meet customer requirments. Peace of Mind Our company and pilots have excellent safety records and will work with you so that your goals are reached and the mission is accomplished safely. Other companies may claim to be safe and talk-the-talk; our record and history show that we walk-the-walk when it comes to safety. We would like to fly with you today. We also want to build a relationship and fly with you tomorrow as well. Services include, but are not limited to: Adventure Support Rafting, Kayaking, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Backcountry Excursions, etc. Aerial Photography and Filming Aerial Survey Air Taxi and Charter Cattle Herding, Locating, and Roundup Drop-Offs / Pick-Ups External Load / Precision Long Line Work (Slinging) Fire Support Transport, First Response, and Suppression Pipeline / Powerline Patrol Special Events Wildlife Viewing Wildlife Management Support
  2. Are you looking to expand the things you can do with your R44? Is the cost of flying it to jobsites causing you to lose contracts? We have the solution for you! Check Out This Video We can customize a trailer to match the color of your R44. Call for pricing and lead times. 1.509.751.9000 Ask For Mark.
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