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  1. Haha, ok, well I'm feeling more optimistic now about the eye surgery and having time. I'm a little frustrated that my local recruiter wants to push me into enlisting first, but maybe I'll get lucky and find one not too far away that is willing (and knows) to help me along the way. My cousin has since been transferred to Florida (this week), so getting any more help from him is a bit out of reach. He did have some guys in his office though he might be able to hook me up with to continue the packet. Now how old are you guys? By the time I finally submit this, I'll probably be 30 (ugh)... I know the cut-off is 33, but honestly, how many get picked up at this age vs. younger candidates?
  2. Heloidaho - How much was your LASIK, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. It really can take that long to put together a packet? I figured maybe 3 months...tops! Well, hmm... now I've got some re-thinking to do. Need to find my local PRK specialist and find out about cost :-)
  4. WOFTApp - That pretty much sums it up. Looks like I've got some thinking to do.. Get PRK now or don't...Crap.
  5. WOFTApp - There was a "Server Error/File Not Found" with that link... Did you post the correct link? D10 - That shouldn't be too bad. I guess I'll find out when I get to MEPS... Lets say I get picked up for WOCS, can I have PRK surgery done immediately when going off for basic so by the time I hit flight school, my eyes should be back to perfect?
  6. Thanks for the link! I just got back from the recruiter, and kind of got the impression he wasn't willing to do the WO packet... He kept telling me he'd have to refresh up on the packet stuff, and the last guy he talked to about it (who was 18 & had fixed wing hours) didn't even get picked... Kept trying to talk to me about enlisting. When I also mentioned my vision having uncorrected acuities of 20/100 in each eye (corrected 20/20), he immediately went, you won't get in as a pilot... He's gonna call back tomorrow evening to check up on me and my decision, but I know my wife won't want me to enlist unless I enter into the WOCS... Any suggestions about the eye issues? I know there's PRK, but as a civilian... I don't have that to spare right now. For some reason I thought my eyes would pass the physical...
  7. Thank you guys for your suggestions! I'll be giving my local recruiter a call today to see what we can get accomplished!
  8. OK, so I've done some leg work, have a sample packet (which seems old), but oh well... Anyways, I saw somewhere on this website a link to everything I would need to submit my packet to USAREC, but I can't find it anywhere. Is it everything in the downloads section of USAREC's site, or is there more? I just want to make sure I fill out everything I need. Thank you! Yamer - Staying persistent to get over this hurdle. I've been working on my physical standards, and reviewing for the ASVAB seeing how it's been 10 years since I've been out of school.
  9. No flight time recorded. I've been up in small private aircraft and have flown around, but nothing on record...
  10. Wow, what a wealth of information here! I first want to take the time to say thanks to those who have provided the knowledge and information on here and to those who have documented their journey to WOCS. A little information about me, I have always dreamed of flying, but the family business absorbed me and I became pretty much complacent. I've found out the hard way that while the pay is great and the job has a lot of perks, I'm not satisfied, and have often regretted my decision (even though I manage a section of the business and have watched it grow tremendously). Every time I see a service member around, I often am very appreciative of their dedication and service for my freedom, and wish I could in some how also contribute. I've have now finally made that decision, and I'm ready to apply for WOCS, to pursue my dream of being a pilot. I have a family... Been married for almost 6 years, and have two beautiful kids. One is turning 4, the other just turned 1. Being surrounded by cousins and other family members who have been in the military, I'm aware of the difficulties that are associated with being in the service, but my wife and kids are on board and are fully supporting me in this endeavor. I do not have a college degree, but have accumulated approximately 60 credits while attending some college. I wish I would have finished the degree, but was going through an unresponsible time in my life and chose the easy route... Chose not to continue college and work for the family business. As for my physical abilities... Well let's say they are not what they once were. I played soccer in middle school, show choir in high school, hockey in college, and some pick up games of football. Im not fat or heavy by any means, but I'm at 160 lbs. and my wife is satisfied with what I've become. For the longest time (all through high school and college) I couldn't break 130-135, but I guess getting married will do that to ya ;-) I have a Cannondale bicycle I have logged almost 600-700 miles on this year (a lot of 20-50 mile rides), but yet when running, find myself gasping for air... I have a lot of training to do and just started earlier this week with my regimen. So hopefully over the next month or until I take my APFT, I'll achieve the scores I'm looking to obtain for WOCS. Being surrounded by family members in the military has had its benefits. Both of my grandfathers were military, a couple of cousins are Marines, and a few in the Army. My cousin's best friend has flown Blackhawks for years and is now training for the Apache. One of my other cousins married an Army Career Counselor and after my talk with him a few days ago, he can put me in contact with the right people to help put my packet together. As for my letters of recommendation, my wife worked for our county Veterans Service Officer who most likely will find time to write a letter, I have a mentor from church who was an E-8 in the Air Force, I have an acquaintance who is a Command Sgt. Maj., and a good friend who is a First Sergeant. Kind of lengthy introduction, but I look forward to keeping up to date on this forum, providing insight and hope to those who apply for WOCS in the future. I also look forward to following those who precede me.
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