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  1. I'll be 39 in April. I tried for some time to get financing for flight school. I have given up the dream. You younger guys, if you have the dream to fly, go for it NOW. Do whatever you have to to fly. DON'T wait until you are my age and realize it's your only dream....and it's gone. A man with no dreams is a very sad thing.
  2. Then WHY are there plugs that can hook your cell phone into your headset? I saw that when browsing for headsets and thought "Cool, I can call friends out of their home and have them see me fly over them." Then I found the regs against use. Oh well, hopefully it will be sooner than later when it gets changed.
  3. There are training requirements for ultralights and I think a license that goes with it. Was lookning into it awhile back. I also agree with the OP, I would not get on that Rube Goldberg rig.
  4. No I haven't. Bend is a bit far for me. I'll be commuting from Salem. I ahve the support of my family to do this but staying in bend while training would be a bit much for them. Still working on getting financing. The CFII that gave us the tour was Jaimie. Real nice guy.
  5. Hi all been lurking here for a couple weeks, since I went to the Salem, OR seminar and almost got in the SSH trap. (Thanks for keeping me out BTW) I can answer why it takes so long. They have that money in the bank. It is drawing interest for every day it is there, period. That is the reason. I've had a boss do this with paychecks and he said that's why he does it. Keep bugging them DAILY to return it if htat doesn't work after a week go to HOURLY. Only if you actually have a refund coming though. Milo PS I'm looking at going to Precision in Newburg after touring the place and meeting most of the people there. Now to just get that financing.
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