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  1. Someone should take a look at the friction on the collective, it keeps coming down all the time !!!!
  2. That is company uniform for ops office secretary. Buen vuelo P.D. Best thing is to T&B that rotor
  3. I do and so far the type of flight I enjoy the most, close behind goes firefighting. Best advice I can think of: Be aware of the wind and allways count on it. Situational awareness is most important when you're close to stones, walls, narrow valleys and so on. Trust your hoist operator and rescuers. You have to build a team and truts each other. Enjoy every minute you are airborn because it's the most fun flight you can do. Buen vuelo
  4. I also agree with that. Only one would make everything faster and easier IMHO Buen vuelo
  5. I might be interested. Need to know to do what and where. PM me if you want. Plenty of experience on Firefighting and hueys. Waiting for news. Buen vuelo
  6. Hi Ned, what amazing pictures !!!! Can´t wait to start the fire season on the Puma next July with my brand new bucket with all the goodies on it:D . The tank looks great and might be an option for next season, boy would I like to try one of those too ....!!! Thanks for sharing such pictures
  7. ::bowdown:: ::dancing1finger:: It makes me very happy and think of myself as a very lucky person when I imagine how bad it could have turned out ::lost:: Buen vuelo
  8. Children in cockpit .... it reminds me of a story. My kids at that time (5 and 10 years old) came to visit me while on duty at the base. At that time I had a 212 that just arrived the day before from offshore work, so it had the bottle for the floats charged and floats dismounted. I put the 10 year old in my seat and said "DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ON RED OR BLACK AND YELLOW STRIPES", I was walking around talking with my wife.... next thing I hear a big explotion and I get thrown by a hard push a couple of meters in the air and to the ground ::confused:: At the beginning I didn't know what happened, my wife came to pick me up thinking I was badly hurt and I started to think ... ::jumpfire:: went to the front seat and my son had grabbed the emergency pull handle for the floats (RED) that due to a bad procedure while taking them off had the safe wire on but the safety pin on the bottle was not in ::devil:: It could have cost a serious accident if my other kid would have been in the way of the outlet for the gas since it is at his head hight. The younger kid went on telling everybody "My brother has tried to kill my father" ??? Very lucky I only got my elbow out of place and inmobilized for a couple of weeks ::armsup:: So watch out for kids, if you tell them don't do that... well you know, we say around here "Curiosity killed the cat" Buen vuelo P.D. After that they have come to fly with me but allways under supervision of a grown up and in the back.
  9. Thanks a lot, I really appretiate it but for now I have to stick as planned since I'm spending only 8 days and have to visit my host family in Maine (after 30 years). I spent a year with them back in 1975 with a scholarship from the American Field Service (AFS) and now I'm visiting my americam Mom and brothers and having kind of a honeymoon with my wife ::cheers:: If things change I'll let you know. Thanks again for your kind offer ::thanks:: ::bowdown::
  10. Hi guys, I'm visiting the US next month and going to visit New York, Niagara Falls and Maine. Wonder if there are some members to meet along the way. Not much time to spend but would be nice to spare the time to have a beer or a meal with some members in the way ::cheers:: Hope someone cares to share some time Buen vuelo
  11. Sorry about the delay but I've been busy with the family and without internet connection during the trip. ::jumpfire:: We mede it out of Kristiansan and managed to go to Stavanger, visit a couple of friends in Helicopter Service, then to Bergen and finally to Foerde Bringeland (ENBL) all in the same day which is an important achievement considering the weather we were having in West Norway ::cheers:: After a test flight we took a plane to Oslo ,that had to try the landing twice due to snowstorms, and spent there the next morning siteseeing. In the afternoon we took a plane to Madrid via Copenhagen ::armsup:: The trip has taken more than 20 hours of flight and almost all the time in bad weather but still a nice experience. Thanks once again HeliFrank, hope you enjoy the wine next weekend. ::2thumbsat:: Ned, I'm sorry to hear that you're not coming hope this guys are able to fit something nice for next year. The new contract for Madrid is hopefully coming out soon and expecting to be on it. It's supposed to be a good one with some nice equipement on it. I'll keep you informed as things come out. The B3 I was taking to Norway was rented from Norway (Airlift) and given back after the fire season. The Spanish registration was EC-IYR. Buen vuelo P.D. I got the 2005 Heli Ops calendar while I was in Norway around the 15th of this month. Thanks once again. Great job.
  12. Well Frank, sorry to tell you that we`re stuck in Norway due to weather conditions. I told you by phone about the adventure the other day into Copenhaguen Intl. The next day we made a straight flight into Norway scaping Goteborg cause we had good conditions but in Torp (Norway) it took very long to arrange fuel and FPL so when we headed straight to Foerde the clouds were over the mountains and had a strong head wing so we turned around and stayed overnight. Today we had some more delay to take off and couldn`t make it to Stavanger due to bad weather again (not even through the coast line) so we landed in Kristiansand praying for a break so we can make it tomorrow to our destination although weather seems to give us a hard time for another couple of days The food and the beer was great while in those endless minutes waiting for arrangements in Torp. We are still saving two of them for cheering once we get to Foerde Will keep in touch. Buen vuelo and thanks again for all your kindness. It was great to have your advice to get to Hamburg through the fog.
  13. Hi HeliFrank, we could finally make it out of Spain and tonight we are spending the night in Bergerac, if the weather let us will try to stay ovetnight in Hamburh. Looking forward to meet you Buen vuelo
  14. Good morning Helifrank, the trade seems fair enough to me Hoping to get your phone number to contact you. If weather is good and paper work gets done I´m leaving during the day from Bilbao (LEBB) hopefully tomorrow night we could be at your place, but today might be the last chance for an internet connection. Check your PM. Buen vuelo
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