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  1. I'm swearing in and signing my contract on Thursday as well. Congrats to all who made it, for those of you who didn't, keep the faith and give it a shot at the next selection board
  3. Is anyone else losing sleep over this?!? I've been lifting every day trying to exhaust myself and I'm still wide awake at night lol
  4. My friend got selected in March and I will find out if I get selected around Sept 11 or so. Based on our research and conversations with Senior WO's, there isn't one thing in particular that they look at. PT is important, LOR's are important, College Degree (for civilian applicants) etc. In my opinion, the most important thing is your leadership experience, professionalism, and maturity. If you have all of that together, the rest of your packet usually falls into place. Take advantage of the things you have complete control over: PT score (there is no reason NOT to get a 300), LOR, and your personal statement are all things that can help you out tremendously if you put the time and effort into them. Other than that, just study for the tests and hope for the best.
  5. I've been in the process of applying for the WOFT program since March, 2012. I have everything ready to go and my battalion board is scheduled for the end of this month. I would just like some input as to what my chances of being selected are based on my test scores and letters of recommendation. Any advice/input is greatly appreciated. Here is some information regarding my packet: 25 year old male 300 APFT 117 AFAST 126 GT 94 ASVAB Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from Indiana University with 2.5 gpa Received Eagle Scout Award Letters of recommendation: CW5 160th Special Operations Aviation Warrant Officer Vice President for Consulting Services for Honda Motor Company Indiana State Representative High School Wrestling Coach Former boss from my job during college Scout Master from my Boy Scout Troop
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