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  1. I got one on my back shoulder of the Winged S from Sikorsky. Still looks good.
  2. We look for a pilot to meet the FS requirements. Training somebody to fly long line who has never done it before can go a few ways. 1. They can be trained in 4-6 months of time 2. They cant learn it all all no matter how much time you train them. 3. They panic and get disoriented and then give up. (Seen it twice) Some operators (bigger ones) have a scheduled, most smaller ones have none. We work when there is work to be done, and take days off whenever we can. I have been working everyday for 3 weeks, no biggie, you just got to love the lifestyle and not being able to plan things. Go
  3. Yea, but they should have had a way to disconnect the main line before it ever got to that point, either a remote hook or punch the line off at the belly. If the cargo hook is higher that the blades, there is a problem.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqiqS7AoMaY Riding on the outside of an Apache helicopter to rescue another Marine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmwyYb_jnc0&list=UUCjMhyqjUqCc68skYwCTbyQ&index=4&feature=plpp_video A little fun at an airshow
  5. One of our guys was a 53 crew chief, he stated two things, one that if there is a difference between the two cargo hooks on the aircraft of 150lbs or more, the hooks will automatically open, two: he had a similar story form his squadron that they were flying a harrier back to base and it began to oscillate and the pilots punched it, there comment was, its better to investigate one aircraft crash instead of two, lol. From my experience, having a heavy load oscillate such as that one, can make it almost impossible to maintain directional control of the ship. aerodynamic loads suck.
  6. Funny that you bring that memorandum up. Because it is part of something that I had the chance to take part in. One of the scenarios was me, and in that case, the violation was dropped against me and the operator. We were cleared and the inspector was told to not conduct any future communication with both parties. The inspector is a fixed wing only guy, and had one hour heli time so he obviously knows all about helicopter operations. And his exact words in a ore trial meeting were "this is my airspace" and " everything is congested". The information given in the scenarios is false and miss le
  7. Well it's been a while but his is still a hot topic for me. While It still remains a gray area, I have had some better examples over the past year or so to guide us(operators) in the utility market. It has been said that the determination to submit a cap is left to the operator. The presence of the non paticipating public can be Controled if there is a plan or not. Crowds will gather to a helicopter lift operation like moths to a flame. But if they remain outside of the operational area, than it can still remain uncontested. If the presence of non participating public is not the issue than wha
  8. Yea, the downtown Heliport is Ok. The location is not the greatest. I guess years ago it was nice. Mostly Med ships there. Eagle Creek is a great airport, Ricks boat house cafe is across the street with nice views of the lake, Better in the summer. KHFY, Greenwood airport is owned by the same FBO that owns Eagle creeks, They have a good place to eat next door. its called the Fireside Brewhouse and they have a burger there called the "Dude" and it is great. http://www.firesidebrewhouse.com/. Dont really think there is a whole lot of aviation related things, just the heliport. If you get up b
  9. I had the chance to fly the Roundmotor around for a few weeks, and i got to tell ya, my hearing has not been the same since. LOL
  10. lol, Right? I almost didnt get carded to fight fires in FL because I didnt have any mountain time. HA
  11. Here is a show we got to do a few years back. Had a lot of fun with it. Sky Haulers
  12. Per Larry Roberts at the USFS. He said, you can log mountain time in areas designated in this chart. My link I know someone has already posted this. Just did my initial USFS ride this year, and that is what I was told by him. No mention of DA
  13. We dropped some skydivers off last year. Kinda of a odd thing watching people jumping out of the helicopter. Did a vertical climb straight up to 2800' agl. Nice vid of the 44 jump.
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