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  1. I think this is for active duty applicants only....correct?
  2. From 880 something to 580 something right? Did you see that? li plus last year was 1050 something....so from over a 1000 to under 600 in 2 years
  3. Its a big PDF file with the 2015 budget and actual numbers for pilots being trained. Google this....... army budget aviation seats fy 2015 its the 5th link down PDF (OMA) Vol 1- US ARMY READ pages 330-348 Check it out, let me know what you think
  4. Would you say that being a MECH helped a great deal in the fact that you were selected? How much College Credits did you have, if any? Just asking cuz i'm prior service-E5 (crew chief) with lots of time as a mech(as well as military aviation classes).
  5. I tried to find it with no success. I hope your right! Gives me more opportunities if am non-select twice. I pray that you are correct!
  6. http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_faq.shtml ****UNLESS THIS ONLY APPLIES FOR ACTIVE DUTY*** What do you think? AD or everyone? Q: What happens if I am not selected? A: The names of all personnel considered by a board are published in our web site. If you are not selected by the first board that considers your application, your application is designated Fully Qualified - Non-Select (FQ-NS) and will be reviewed by the next board that convenes for your requested MOS. If you are not selected after a review by two boards, your application is designated Non Competitive/Non Selected (NC-NS). You will NOT receive notice of the reason for non-selection. Board members vote using the “whole person” concept and do not indicate a reason for non-selection. You should look at your entire packet to determine if it could be improved. Applicants twice non-selected for the WO Program must wait 12 months to re-apply.
  7. as title says.....have they cleared the backlog completely? I heard it was pretty bad a couple years ago, but how are things running down there right now? Did they just clear it, or has it been cleared up for a while now?
  8. I thought they changed it to 12 months......you have to wait a full year to reapply, yeah?
  9. Are you active duty or prior service? BTW, I think its good timing considering its your second look.....because on the NOV board has 'high selection rate' which i'm sure you already saw that on USEREC website. You should be fine
  10. Could it be possible that they are doing more SIM time vs actual flight time in advanced training after IERW??? Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but I thought I would ask because you are actually there at FT RUCKER and you can make a fair assessment of that. I'm dying to get in, and I really think the fact that I don't have a bachelors(88 credits engineering & prior Navy Crew Chief) will hurt me but either way, i'm going to turn in the best packet possible and hope for the best!
  11. Please, don't take this the wrong way.....but how would they know?? You think my old CO or XO would know that information?
  12. Maybe they finally cleared up the 'BACKLOG' ......who knows
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