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  1. Nice, thanks a bunch aviator! I'm starting to pack some stuff and was afraid I would have to leave it.
  2. At the point I get my house on post and start flight school, am I going to be allowed to bring and keep my AR-15 inside my house?
  3. Look at your reservation sheet, mine says 20130722. That plus 9w4d is 9/27. Since the ship date (7/15) and start date (7/22) are different, most likely reception is not part of the 9w4d. If that is the case, then graduation is on 9/27. Then we would be part of class # 64-13. BRAVO 1-19th.
  4. How do you know what BN and unit we are going to be placed in?
  5. haha http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=94d_1338393855
  6. That's awesome, but I have sprint and will be getting poor reception, so I wanted to know what speeds of broadband connection are available.
  7. Does anybody know what kind of internet connection is available on post?
  8. The 10 day house hunting and moving is between WOCS and IERW.
  9. haha nice, I am in the process of training my gf to make online payments for my bills .. I have automated most of them, but some I cannot.. POA is a good idea, but don't worry so much about all this, you will be able to sort everything out after WOCS. Just do whatever you have to do in order to have peace of mind, so while you are in training, it is the only thing on your mind.
  10. hey Tyler and JMarsh, I am also going to Ft. Sill, same date. I think I have all my stuff in order.. I just have to pack some stuff up and leave. One thing is not very clear to me, and if anyone reading this knows, please assist; should I have the WOCS packing list complete before I leave for BCT or would I have to get everything for WOCS right after BCT?
  11. Just take them. If anything, you can store them and get them later
  12. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Where the highest elevation is Mountain Trash at about 50ft
  13. I know it can be done.. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-lzGbamse4Wc/TlFWcMk7g-I/AAAAAAAABQw/K-tf7M87kWY/s1600/FLINTSTONES-ANNIVERSARY-REVISED.jpg
  14. Thats ok, as long as they remebered to install the manual lever to actuate the rotors, right?
  15. I've also read that on-post is very decent and you dont have to deal with these shady realtor companies that f you up on the deposit. Plus the comute is short and you have many cool amenities
  16. Damn that is pretty good. its like he is pretty much giving you a guarantee. One step closer to the Apache my friend...
  17. ah ok, got it. thats a good way to get in too. Good luck Yamer!
  18. Hey Yamer congrats. What are doing now? Waiting to start WOCS? Did you buy your wocs stuff before you left for bct or are you doing it now? Thnx
  19. Hey thnx. Im single with no dependents and i would hate to carry so much stuff around
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