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    Fixed Wing and Helo trucker. I enjoy being a chopper jockey, and trying to figure the world, people and belief systems out. I'm not very good at it, so it keeps me real busy. I scribble, blog, run a website, (www.writersharbor.org) run rental houses, ride motorbikes, and read as much as I can. I went solo 44 years ago, and I like to say I'm gonna get me a real job one day. When I grow up. ("but not just yet, Lord, not just yet")
    For my aviation scribbles see www.chopperstories.com.... enjoy!
  1. Do I look up? The question seeks to discover if we have maintained our erstwhile enthusiasm, I guess. Now I am retired, do I still give a d*mn, eh? Lemme think. Well, put it this way. Ask my dogs. They'll tell you. It kind of goes like this: 1. distant sound of choppy approaching. 2. (loud exclamation from Master, wakes up dogs) (E.g. "Yippee...!") 3. Chair falls over. 4. Coffee goes flying. (that's a regular) 5. Master bolts out the door. Possibly tripping over alarmed cat. 6. Spends several minutes oohing and aahing, and muttering excitedly to himself. 7. comes back in, humming and happy
  2. Tisk, tisk. Tisk. Oh ye of little faith. That's a NICE way of saying it. I could also conjure up dark visions of disbelieving heathens, swarming to pagan Baal-type gods, and sacrificing children. Not that some of the screaming, little baskets that haunt modern day temples like "Walmart" don't jolly well DESERVE to be sacrificed to the flames... I submit you are listening to the wrong Gods. Times are rough right now. For the unloved, bottom of the totem pole, common-as-catshit chopper driver. But that is the way of the crumbling cookie. Into the breech you desert, so many ardent, true believer
  3. Update, for all you guys who hold the same so-called "Loss of License" "Insurance Policy". It may be all kinds of things, but it's the most convoluted, irregular, make-believe and make-the-rules-up-as-we-go-along policy I've ever seen. "Reliance Standard" is NOT even remotely relaxing their stance. In an email dated September 9th, 3 days ago, they are still demanding as follows: 1) my 2015 Federal Tax returns 2) full disclosure of my rent house income, which should have nothing to do with my insurance policy. If your house burns down, or your car is stolen, or a tree falls on your roof, d
  4. Bravo! And that is what I encourage everybody to do. If I could travel past our Sun beating Light and having fun Would I turn around a lot To ponder, wistful, our Blue Dot? Or would I be content to stray Far beyond the Milky Way And never wish to hear again This strange cacophony of Men.
  5. That's about the way I see it. It's important for observer folks to realize that EVEN WITHOUT THE VERP, the raft of all the other DEDUCTIONS cited above would of themselves be sufficient to see to it that this so-called insurance 'policy' "legally screwed you." It's all creative stuff. Borderline artistic. The 'PHI Contact' that I refer to as 'the angel of Mercy' is a graduate Summa Cum Laude from the Insurance School of how to creatively DEDUCT left, right and center. No matter what the PHI Benefits Manager tells you. Each pilot's circumstances vary, but I'm in touch with one former co-wo
  6. I know the Union was looking into this a while ago. Questions have been asked for a long time, but nobody has taken the time and trouble I guess, to laboriously document it and write it all down. Personally, I'm kind of sick of it, and would like to just walk away in disgust as well. But even if it's just a service to my fellow pilots still working there, I've been burning the midnight candle to document it, while it's still fresh in my mind. Somehow, this PHI Benefits/insurance Nigeria scam, is not the PHI I remember. At all. PHI was exciting to work for. They have a high turnover, but I
  7. I'm all into rainbows. Especially the pots of gold at the end, my Irish mother used to tell me about. When I was small, off I trotted looking. I looked everywhere. I used to run after those rainbows. That wily leprechaun's gold is dang hard to find. So I finally, a while ago, after twelve plus years, actually physically got to look at the insurance policy that I had meekly paid many thousands of dollars into, via payroll deduction. One of the first things that hit me was this: I am NOT the policy holder....! The policy holder is.... PHI, Inc. I kind of stared at that. Couldn't figure
  8. Okay, so, rattling on. I wrote above how I joked to my buddy that, at this rate of DEDUCTIONS, they would soon be asking ME for a check. We laughed. We thought it was funny. Well. They DID. THEY want a check back for $4,583.33 Pronto. Hop-skip. Yes, I'll admit I rubbed my eyes over that one. Say, what...?? On July 7th I got a letter stating that they had only just 'received notification' that I had received VERP (Voluntary Early Retirement Package) benefits effective March 13, 2016. Well, at least that part is correct. Although I find it very hard to believe they 'only just' figured t
  9. @ Hobie. Oh, you musn't worry in the slightest that this is a source of grief or pain to me any more. Although I appreciate the sentiments. It was admittedly for a while, when I really was NOT feeling very well, or remotely "with it". There is nothing like reading a long insurance policy over, and over (and over again), quite unable to figure out the 'logic'. All because the 'angel of mercy' just tells you (coldly) to 'read the policy' and will NOT tell you how or where in the policy it justifies their seemingly off-the-wall demands. It left me bewildered for a while. I thought maybe it was MY
  10. Now, I scribble, right? (I know, I'd like to call it 'writing' but I'd be afraid I'd get laughed at) 'Just Helicopters' via the redoubtable Lynn and Lynette Burks, owners of this website and the finest helicopter magazine in the world, Rotorcraft Pro, kindly encourage the mangellations of ordinary words, the outrageous contorting of simple concepts into otherworldly verbosity, the baffling of mortal minds, and the occasional venomous onslaught against vastly superior foes. They even pay me for it. I have a blog on Just Helicopters, that I'm really enjoying, and I'm baffled that anybody would
  11. So, let's recap. We started out with (yummy, yummy) a Letter dated April 8, 2016. "60% of your monthly salary $7,020.04 would be $4,212.03...." 36 months times $4,212.03 equals (thumbing calculator) $156,497.25 Not bad. DEDUCTION+++ (uh-oh) Social Security. (what? Why? Huh?) $2,155 per month. From the git-go, although I'm not getting anything from SS yet, and don't EXPECT to get anywhere near that amount. NEW BALANCE: $2,057.03 per month for 36 months = $74,053.08 (STORM CLOUD THREATENING: DEDUCTION of the IRA rent house income/threat of suspending further payments entirely) NEXT UP:
  12. Alrightie. So there you are, kind of a bit groggy after an issue with oxygen passing to your brain. The after effects of a stroke/T.I.A. are entertaining. They last for months. I guess maybe years, if you're unlucky. Vertigo is one. Reliably, every time I'd go to bed, I'd know it was coming. Kind of a 'Wheee-eee-eee' here-we-go kind of sensation. Like being in a spin in a Cessna 150, when full opposite rudder is having no effect. You're just going round. And round. And round. In time, you know it's coming, so it gets to be boring. You just kind of shrug your shoulders mentally, finish your san
  13. There is a lot to it. I'll try and make it interesting, hell, even entertaining, but I'll have to feed it to you in stages. It's complicated. I believe it's meant to be. But by all means draw your own conclusions. Firstly, at the end of the very first phone call, I was told by Miss Meyers that she was "pleased to tell me I qualified for eighteen months payments." I said: "That's odd. The PHI Benefits Manager told me thirty-six months." There was a pause. A short pause. Without any emotion, she then said: " I am pleased to tell you that you qualify for thirty-six months payments." Boo
  14. well, carrying on. Let's dig a bit deeper into this grand insurance scam, brought to you by the fine combo PHI/Reliance Standard. Let's see how they stitch us schmuck pilots up. I wrote a poem once about such sweet innocence. It's called "Come into my Parlor". "Come into my parlor, said the Spider to the Fly; the place is very comfy, the ceiling nice and high. Your wings could do with leisure, they look quite beat to me come in and fill your measure of jam and toast for tea." Firstly, they make sure your guard is down. The PHI Benefits Manager, all avuncular and caring sorta, promises you
  15. @ TomPPL Ah, no worries. It's not going to stop the train. The Insurance scam is annoying, but merely another bump on the road. I can't say it's getting me down. Having worked around the world, I've seen plenty to know that we live highly privileged lives in the West. I won't starve (really), my day is full and busy, and my interests are wide and varied. So no big drama. C'est la vie. Won't stop me from full throttle living. Mind, I tried the motorbike since -once. Nooooo.... I put that one back in the garage. Where it sits, glaring at me. Like the dog when I'm eating cookies. First bend I cam
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