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  1. Me too!! Also was wondering did the word "Cuz" appear on the LSAT?
  2. Why not sell the new 2007 Mazda, drive the old Toyota and move in with mom and dad. The 35-40000 dollar a year job you have should pay for quite a bit of R22 time!
  3. I am a bit tired of the negativity as well. You have over 600 posts and it seems to me that if you are this burned out, then why spend your spare time on Vertical Reference spilling the negativity? There are some folks on here that know not every job is going to be all good including flying.
  4. Why post this stuff?? It is one persons perception or an attempt to keep people from flying. I have spoken to pilots who flew there and loved it. It is all relative and if you have lived on this planet long enough you know that not everything in life is perfect. There are ALWAYS going to be things in life you do not like. As far as the spending 60K to make 50K...well, how many people do you know who have two SUV's in their driveway worht well over 60K and what will that get them in 5 years? Just my two cents.
  5. Just a pass on and pardon me if this has been posted before: From AOPA's website: http://www.aopa.org/faafundingdebate/ The laws funding the Federal Aviation Administration will expire September 30. That means that both the government’s authority to collect taxes from the aviation community and the FAA’s authorization to spend money will cease. And that’s why it’s imperative that Congress pass a new FAA funding law – technically called a “reauthorization” before then. Congress is considering presently three FAA funding bills. By far, the bill most favorable to all segments of aviation is the House FAA Reauthorization Act of 2007, a bipartisan bill introduced June 27 and reported out of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee the next day. A second bill, the Aviation Investment and Modernization Act of 2007 (S. 1300) is currently under consideration by the Senate Finance Committee. A third, FAA-drafted bill, the Next Generation Air Transportation System Financing Reform Act of 2007 (S.1076, H.R. 1356), has been introduced, but is not being seriously considered by either the House or the Senate. What else can we get taxed on??
  6. For most Federal Law Enofrcement Officers, the maximum age is 37 years old. This is due to the mandatory retirement age of 57 (must have 20 years). The only way they waiver age is if you had prior "LEO" status. I recently saw an ad for the CBP pilot popsition and the maximum for it was 40 years old. Other than knowing a Senator or fitting some special "quota" they will not waive age. Of course anything is possible, such as if the government is desperate for pilots and are not getting any. We have seen a rise is enlistment ages...hmmm wonder why?
  7. Got to love it...here is a guy that can pay for it all, but now it is a tax write off with "his" company.
  8. From what I could gather it was an Eurocopter Astar 350 (B2/3 model). Eastwood being a Millionaire, I am sure it was the latest evolution of the Astar 350 series...a B3
  9. Maybe you are carrying a chip on your shoulder?
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