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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Not that B Co. Never again, I finished.
  2. Aren't you supposed to be doing something important right now?
  3. There was a guy selected that had a very similar last name as you, I thought you were picked up.
  4. Don't worry, I went to the commissary for you.
  5. Typically the phone coverage is good, sometimes the 4G is sketchy though.
  6. Some Lts have already gotten an email saying they are doing the Echo transition when we were still in BCS. So far no Warrants have gotten the email about it. If you go to Lewis, Carson, or Campbell you will get it.
  7. My instructor threatened to give me an UnSat if I kept screaming that while in the Apache LCT.
  8. You can maintain what ever regimental affiliation you want.
  9. Just like we did when it kicked off in Iraq. Apaches took out a section of their air defense radar, the Air Force conducted strikes that reduced the air defense to a step above useless, and then we had pretty much free reign in the air. It's not exactly that simple, but the general idea is to quickly assert air dominance.
  10. That was me, it was the single most miserable thing I've ever done. I didn't know you could be that cold and survive. AND WHY WOULDN'T IT STOP RAINING.
  11. Today's selection for Warrants was 4 Chinooks 8 Blackhawks 8 Apaches Not bad at all.
  12. Moral Waiver denied. I was hopeful for him because now you submit your packet for a moral waiver, I was hoping when they saw how competitive he was they would give him a shot.
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