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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Not that B Co. Never again, I finished.
  2. Aren't you supposed to be doing something important right now?
  3. There was a guy selected that had a very similar last name as you, I thought you were picked up.
  4. Don't worry, I went to the commissary for you.
  5. Typically the phone coverage is good, sometimes the 4G is sketchy though.
  6. Some Lts have already gotten an email saying they are doing the Echo transition when we were still in BCS. So far no Warrants have gotten the email about it. If you go to Lewis, Carson, or Campbell you will get it.
  7. My instructor threatened to give me an UnSat if I kept screaming that while in the Apache LCT.
  8. You can maintain what ever regimental affiliation you want.
  9. Just like we did when it kicked off in Iraq. Apaches took out a section of their air defense radar, the Air Force conducted strikes that reduced the air defense to a step above useless, and then we had pretty much free reign in the air. It's not exactly that simple, but the general idea is to quickly assert air dominance.
  10. That was me, it was the single most miserable thing I've ever done. I didn't know you could be that cold and survive. AND WHY WOULDN'T IT STOP RAINING.
  11. Today's selection for Warrants was 4 Chinooks 8 Blackhawks 8 Apaches Not bad at all.
  12. Moral Waiver denied. I was hopeful for him because now you submit your packet for a moral waiver, I was hoping when they saw how competitive he was they would give him a shot.
  13. I have a friend that that is a Combat Controller(AF Special Ops). Two Bronze Stars with V, several Air Medals, outstanding ASVAB/GT Scores, did great on the SIFT and has a degree with a 3.8 GPA. He had an amazing packet. 6 years ago he got a DUI even though he was under the legal limit, his waiver was denied. If you've got a checkered past, it will be hard because of the draw down.
  14. Well, that wasn't even close to what they told us it was going to be like. 1 Chinook 1 Apache 6 Hawks But I got my Apache!
  15. I came over from the AF, I submitted first with Memo style LORs and I had to have them put on the 1936, but they were just physically signed with contact info since we didn't have the software to sign the Army form. I didn't have any problems submitting them.
  16. We just had our pre-selection brief and we were told Warrants are going to be extremely Apache heavy and Lt's are going to be extremely Hawk heavy through the end of the FY. Apparently big Army changed their numbers for this FY and they are really unbalanced with to few Lt's in Hawks and Warrants in Apaches.
  17. I want to point out that was a typing error and not a math error, haha. That being said I looked like a moron trying to do my fuel consumption check yesterday. The E6B eludes me, why can't I just use a calculator?!
  18. As of now there is no organized PT during Primary/Instruments/BWS or on FUNDET. The current OML is 30.8% BOLC, 58% Flight School, 11.7% PT test.
  19. The only think you need to know about the WOC SOP is how to find stuff in it, I didn't memorize anything out of it. Hell, I'm pretty sure I only really /used/ it to set up my locker and room. 5&9s on the other hand you need to know word for word. I spend a good chunk of each day at home working on them during the week. I didn't start really learning them until right after SERE, each day you are assigned 5-7 of them during Primary and you are responsible for knowing them during the oral knowledge part of the flight brief. You don't want the Flight Commander to know you as the guy that always misses them.
  20. In BOLC when you go see all the different airframes and get a briefing by the pilots you will probably have CW3 Hayes(I think was her name) as your briefer for the Apache. If she doesn't make you want to fly -64s then you just don't have a soul.
  21. http://imgur.com/a/3U1EU I didn't get near as many pictures as I wanted too, but the tour is easily my favorite part of BOLC. The curator of the museum gives an amazing tour.
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