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  1. Middle Georgia State University https://mga.smartcatalogiq.com/2020-2021/Undergraduate-Catalog/Programs/School-of-Aviation/Department-of-Aviation-Science-and-Management/Aviation-Science-and-Management-BS
  2. I don't think any branch of the military ever used grey flight suits. There is an operator that I know which uses grey flight suites. They all look light pink after about 6 months of normal wear.
  3. There is an entire Military Section on this board. Your question has been answered many times before. Attention to detail... You are a No Go at this station.
  4. You will need to work with a recuiter and submit a package just if you were a civilian. The only addition will be a DD Form 368, Conditional Release signed by your current unit commander. Also, see the Military forum below. You will find answers to most of your questions there. Good Luck,
  5. The UH-60 Blackhawk equipted with the External Stores Support System has a range of 1200 miles. https://www.military.com/equipment/uh-60a-l-black-hawk Not sure if it is the longest or not......
  6. Unless things have changed (it has been a long time since I was there) eveybody has to do a new physical at Rucker the first week of flight school. So having your physcial expire during WOCS is no big deal.
  7. As a follow-up FWIW, this is a prime example of why my former State never did Street-to-Seat flight school. We only selected from applicants who were currently enlisted in the Guard. This way, the selected applicant continued to drill and participate as an active member of their current unit until the state received a flight slot from Guard Bureau. And yes, it has to do with pay and funding. It always reverts back to money!
  8. It was not uncommon many years ago to wait 12-18 months for a flight school date. The big Army only gives the guard so many slots a year, then Guard Bureau distributes those quotas out to the various states based on individual unit manning. From what you read, the big Army is critically short on aviators. They can only train so many a year at Rucker, so they may have reduced the number of slots available to the Guard??? I do not understand why there should be an issue: Welcome to the Guard Apparently my state has already given me a flight school date: No your State has not given you a "date." You have been selected for a future slot when that become available. Should you wait it out: Yes Should you contact someone: Who would you contact? Your State is aware of the situation. That will only piss-off people who you will eventually give you the slot and process your orders! Good Luck. Your mileage may vary.....
  9. I'm not stating it is perfect, I'm just trying to give people some insight into the process. A serial killer to-be gets through the poly. You are comparing apples to oranges. The actual polygraph only ask yes and no questions. The packet of information you must complete before the poly only ask "have you ever... " type of questions. An employee becoming a future serial killer would have to be discovered during a psychological evaluation, not a polygraph. I don't know if DHS requires a pre-employment psychological evaluation or not?? ole devil dog up there with a TSSCI gets dq'd Again, each agency sets the standard for it's "Qualification Review" for employment. I don't know the circumstances for the former Marine, but the standards for a DOD clearance may be different from DHS Law Enforcement TS clearance. Does the former marine have a medical condition that indicates a false positive on a poly??? Possibly.... It's not a perfect system. The Agency I work for requires a polygraph as well as other series of events for all Law Enforcement certified employees. I can tell you that over 90% of applicants either fail an assessment or drop out along the way. So if we are trying to run a new hire class of 20, we must start with over 200 applications. Again, I'm not trying to defend the DHS polygraph. All you can do is apply and go through the process. I'm just trying to help explain the process.
  10. Most people who fail the polygraph dont actually fail the polygraph. They are disqualified because of answers to the questions in the packet of information you are required to complete before the actual polygraph. What you are failing is a qualification review of your answers in the packet. Unfortunately for the applicant, the end result is the same. It has nothing to do with how to interpret polygraph results.
  11. It just depends what you are in the mood for that night?? It is all local food, no national or regional chain resturants!! Since you will be there for a week, you may want to go two nights. There is free parking at both ends of ‘the strip.’ Park the rental car, get out, walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. If you want Texas BBQ, go to the Hard Eight. There is also a good Cajun/ Seafood place, but I can’t remember the name... Enjoy!
  12. Just show up and enjoy the training. The ground school at Bell offers great power points with moving graphics to help explain and understand the aircraft systems (fuel burn for example). Plus you will get to go out into the maintenance hangar and see the aircraft components throughout the week. Most importantly, make the 30 minute drive to Roanoke for dinner at least one night you are there. It will be well worth the effort. Enjoy!
  13. I have a couple thousand hours in both L4's and 407's and I have no idea how to begin to answer such open-ended, pure opinion type of questions.... Good luck in your quest. It is obvious, from this post and your previous post about medivac operations, that you have very little experience with helicopters. I strongly suggest that you use a good deal of your money to hire an experienced pilot. The FAA accident data base is full of owner-pilots who had more money than pilot skills. "Budget not a problem."
  14. Don't worry..... there will be 30-40 other lost 2LTs just like you.
  15. There are certain AF AFSC's (ie MOS's) that support the Army and are therefore assigned to Army Installations. These are Air Force Weather and Air Support Operations Squadrons (coordinate the CAS for the Army Commander). When assigned to and living on Army Installations, these AF guys receive additional pay for 'sub-standard living conditions' from the AF. Draw your own conclusions.....
  16. So here is what you do: 1: Choose the unit that flys the airframe of your choice; 2: Go to Rucker and concentrate on successfully completing flight school; 3: Return to unit of choice and complete RL progression; 4: Then you have choices and options for transfer to another unit. Don't turn down flight school over tickets/travel. You will learn those details after you are in a unit. Don't sweat the small stuff. Just my .02 27 yr retired guard guy
  17. Wow, probably a step in the right direction, but unfortunately the results will mostly likely be inaccurate. Who was the genius who created this survey in a non-protected format? I am a retired Guard guy and I was able to click on the link and go to the survey. No CAC login required, no authentication required, nothing..... and you just posted the link on a world-wide viewed website. So how many Commissioned Officers, wives, girlfriends, civilians, etc will fill out the survey? Can you do the survey at work, then go home and do it again on a different IP address? No control will equal no real data.
  18. I think Mike may have killed the longest running discussion on this forum. All hail to Mike! #trollslayer
  19. Our biggest issue is finding folks who can pass the poly. Same at our agency, plus background check and Department tattoo policy.
  20. ....if you have military experience they will knock 500 hours off that 1500 total. I can't find that anywhere in writing.... that may or may not be true? This is dated April 2017: https://www.cbp.gov/careers/frontline-careers/aia/app-proc So, its the civilian guy who only needs 250 PIC out of 1500 total, which just seems like an odd combination? I agree, it is a very odd combination. Remember, however, that the CBP openly and actively (gives preference) recruits former military personnel. In the military, PIC is a function of Commander's Orders and a formal designation, not necessary the 'sole manipulator of the controls' as in the civilian world. It is not uncommon for 2 PIC's to be assigned a mission, yet 1 will be designated PIC and 1 the SIC for the flight. If an Army pilot for example, only claims the PIC time as per their official flight records (DA -759), then they are shorting themselves PIC time per the FAA and competing in the civilian flight world. The 250 PIC with 1500 TT, in my opinion, is written in order to allow those young military pilot's to qualify and apply. They will be racked and stacked from there..... and like all jobs, minimum qualifications does not guarantee even an interview. I remember back in flight school they used to say a 500 hour guy could get an SIC slot in the GOM Flight Schools will say and do anything to get you to sign up and pay! Just my .02 cents. Your mileage may vary.
  21. I can only assume that you are referring to Air Interdiction Agent pilots with the Custom and Border Protection Agency. If so, then the reason is to recruit military trained pilots who served in aircraft requiring dual pilot operations.
  22. ...... I just want to have a relaxing career where I can get paid to take a break for a little while!!! I hate to break the news to you, but there is no such job in the civilian world. If this is the main reason you are leaving the military then you will be vastly disappointed. All jobs are stressful. Some more than others. That is why it is called a JOB. Remember WORK is a 4 letter word. I think it may be difficult to find a job turning wrenches at a 'relaxing pace... getting paid...while taking a break.' Unlike the military, helicopters in the civilian world are used to make money. If the aircraft is down for maintenance, then it is not making money. Your best option may be looking for a job at a local or State law enforcement agency aviation unit. Unfortunately you don't have any experience working on civilian aircraft and most agencies will require some experience turning wrenches on their model aircraft. All jobs are what you make of them. Only you can control your attitude. Thank you for your service and good luck.
  23. A lot of law enforcement aviation units around the country do long-line rescues.....
  24. Hopefully out of business. The owner was convicted of fraud and misrepresenting his military service and qualifications.
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