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  1. Isn't a secret clearance basically a criminal and credit check?
  2. That's a little better than normal but is probably right. WOFT isn't hard to get selected for if you manage to put a packet together.
  3. I didn't find that to be true at all. Maybe if you're stationed at Humphreys there's nothing to do but Seoul is a great city.
  4. I'm pretty sure you get marked down for crying in SERE.
  5. If you hear about the snakebite guy, I was with him.
  6. Is there anything written down about being able to use manuals, checklists, or -10 copies printed from sources other than the Army?
  7. Off topic but what do I need to do to get my Helicopter ratings added on to my fixed wing CPL? I'm in Korea.
  8. Why is this thread still alive and the other troll thread locked in 6 posts?
  9. C-12's don't do air assaults so why would you want to fly one?
  10. I heard they don't even make you memorize 5 and 9s anymore. Back in my day it was hard.
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