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  1. You're forgetting about this one: http://cencio4.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/blurred.jpg
  2. Well bear in mind that regulation is for a particular flight enlistment program. Interpreting the regulation is just as important as reading it. Who is to say you can't IST into the Army and then branch aviation? I'm not at all certain. This is something you'll have to examine very closely.
  3. 8. Not have attended or have been eliminated or graduated from a previous course of military-sponsored flight or preflight instruction program. AR 601-210 Check to see if it your program is considered flight or preflight instruction. Also ,there are a lot of waiverable standards in the Army.
  4. With the introduction of optionally piloted aircraft you may well have your chance.
  5. . Nah, I get the impression that theres plenty of opportunity for well qualified applicants. I'd bet it'll be a formaility for you when you apply. Just make sure you get those arms stretched out for the Class 1W. Affirm, my LoR writers know me; all except for the CW3 (ret.) who lives far away and is constantly on the road anyway. A friend made the introduction for that one.
  6. That was my abortive attempt at paying you a compliment. I don't have much facility for banter. Apologies.
  7. Gosh, thanks for that vote of confidence. Try as we might, we can't all be Lindsey.
  8. Age old enough AFAST 168 ASVAB 99/143GT APFT 274 (for now) BS Degree 2.9 GPA PPL ASEL with 80 hrs LoR CW5 CW5 CW4 CW4 (ret.) CW3 (ret.) O-5 USN (ret.) (Flight Instructor)
  9. Hi, I guess I might as well throw my hat into the ring as well. I'll probably be up for this board or the next. Its all up to the paper pushers at this point. Oops double post. Admin, please delete.
  10. Hi, I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring. I'll probably be up for the next board or the following one depending on what the paper pushers decide to do.
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