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  1. self refer to ASAP, mental health, yea you can get out but you're not going to fly on the outside.
  2. When I got selected it was a 60/40 split between street to seat and prior. I was just curious if the numbers are still similar. With a 10 year ADSO and an 8 year max time in service requirement it significantly reduces the in house pool as well.
  3. Does anyone know the current selection breakdown of street to seat vs prior service? I wonder how this will effect street to seat recruitment for WOFT.
  4. Congrats to all selected. My buddy ended up being FQ-NS. Hopefully next time.
  5. if anyone has an "unofficial" by name list please drop me a line.
  6. You can always ask to go sooner. I was selected on the Sept 2013 board and I had a spring training date, I asked to go sooner and got a November basic date and feb wocs date. Still no MILPER for prior dudes....
  7. Any prior service guys get notified of board results yet? I have a good buddy on this board. Im anxious to hear.
  8. So much truth! It's the same if not worse at Bragg. I count down the days until I get out. Best advice I can give is get a degree and fly for the air force.
  9. well 63 because they have go get 2 years of work out of you.
  10. I heard it was a 1 year concurrent. I put my name in the hat, I don't know if it's something I really want....I got a few things I'm looking into. Bragg was not even on my list, in fact I was told no one could go there. Welp I curse the day Lindsey called and told me I got Bragg.
  11. You're flying a lot more than me. I don't think I've made minimums yet. We just got an email asking if anyone wants to go fly Apaches though....
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