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  1. self refer to ASAP, mental health, yea you can get out but you're not going to fly on the outside.
  2. When I got selected it was a 60/40 split between street to seat and prior. I was just curious if the numbers are still similar. With a 10 year ADSO and an 8 year max time in service requirement it significantly reduces the in house pool as well.
  3. Does anyone know the current selection breakdown of street to seat vs prior service? I wonder how this will effect street to seat recruitment for WOFT.
  4. Congrats to all selected. My buddy ended up being FQ-NS. Hopefully next time.
  5. if anyone has an "unofficial" by name list please drop me a line.
  6. You can always ask to go sooner. I was selected on the Sept 2013 board and I had a spring training date, I asked to go sooner and got a November basic date and feb wocs date. Still no MILPER for prior dudes....
  7. Any prior service guys get notified of board results yet? I have a good buddy on this board. Im anxious to hear.
  8. So much truth! It's the same if not worse at Bragg. I count down the days until I get out. Best advice I can give is get a degree and fly for the air force.
  9. well 63 because they have go get 2 years of work out of you.
  10. I heard it was a 1 year concurrent. I put my name in the hat, I don't know if it's something I really want....I got a few things I'm looking into. Bragg was not even on my list, in fact I was told no one could go there. Welp I curse the day Lindsey called and told me I got Bragg.
  11. You're flying a lot more than me. I don't think I've made minimums yet. We just got an email asking if anyone wants to go fly Apaches though....
  12. It's not, because it's ramping back up.My buddy has flown his ass off. he's gotten triple the flight time I have.
  13. Usually Montgomery or Panama City because it's so much cheaper than Dothan.
  14. Not really, it breathes well I like the wool socks they issued me. Boots on the other hand make my feet sweat.
  15. Exactly. I guess it's something S1 would take care of?
  16. I flew fixed wing before I army. I wanted to keep flying it. I liked the MI mission as well.
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