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  1. I see what you're saying. The only reason I had questioned this is because on the pre-MEPS recruiter form it asks about counseling. Basically, I didn't want to lie and be approved only to have problems with this issue later. Considering the nature of the counseling, I would think it would either be easily overlooked or waived. If I am eventually accepted, I plan on making this a career if possible. I just want to cover all the bases. Planning the application process, this was the only hangup I can see and I want to be sure to make my application as perfect as possible for my situation. I do not think there will be an issue but I wanted to double check. My recruiter didn't seem to know much about this scenario which is why I asked here. Thanks to everyone for clarification.
  2. No. I do not currently have any mental illness/disorder nor have I had any issues in the past. My family member's current illness is stable and has been for a few years. He has actually just retired and is doing very well, and he has excellent family support from others and myself so my military service would have no bearing on his illness. Regarding the SSC, the SF-86 form asks about previous counseling. After reading the question, I could answer 'no' to this question according to the form so likely no issues there. I talked to the counselor this morning about our visits and he said there would be no issues. He was a VA mental hospital director for many years and is now retired and does private social work and counseling. I trust his judgement on the issue. He did, however, say that I should consider Air Force and Navy and not the Army. I have considered other branches but I have decided to go with Army WOFT. Anyways, I appreciate the answers and any other information is appreciated.
  3. I have recently decided to apply for WOFT as a civilian. My recruiter and I are going to set a MEPS date soon for processing/testing. However, I have a concern that might disqualify me from enlistment eligibility requirements: I have a family member that has a mental illness and I have recently (within the last year) visited his counselor on an outpatient basis for family counseling regarding his illness. I have no personal history of mental illness and otherwise no medical conditions that disqualify me. I informed my recruiter and he suggested to lie, which I refuse to do (I am positive the SF-86/security clearance would reveal this information anyways). My questions: Will this disqualify me medically? Would a waiver be possible? If a waiver is possible, could this hurt my chances at selection? Again, I have asked my recruiter these questions. I am going to call the counselor tomorrow (he is a retired VA employee with a current private practice) to see if he would have any answers. This is the only hangup I see hurting my process. I have relatively strong stats (minus the tests) but I fear this will disqualify me completely. If anyone could give some guidance that would be excellent. Thanks in advance
  4. Will do Yamer, thanks. I have met with a local recruiter twice now and he seems to be very willing to work with me. I plan on doing most of the work myself as much as possible.
  5. Thanks for the answers gentlemen. I am 23 and a recent college grad and I am going to go for this. As of now I am single so deployments would not bother me a bit. I am just trying to gather all possible information for now though. Another question: what does a WO pilot do when not flying? And what are typical duties when not deployed? Would I get the opportunity to maintain a/c as well as fly?
  6. I'm about to start the WOFT application process and I have a few questions about the program. I have done a lot of research but some of these I have found no direct answers to. 1. Is a soldier eligible for GI Bill benefits through the WOFT program? If so, are there any stipulations? 2. What is the WOFT service obligation? USAREC regs state that there is a six year requirement after completion of WOCS and I have read other (more unofficial) sources indicating that the commitment is six years after completion of flight school. Which is correct? Is flight school included as part of WOCS for WOFT soldiers? 3. As an aviator, are you satisfied? What are the best and worst aspects of being in the Army? 4. Any horror stories about WOFT and the Army? If anyone could throw some answers my way I would appreciate it. Thanks
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