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  1. I'm 56. Male. No piloting experience. All around excellent condition. Would anyone hire me if I was to get my Commercial helicopter license?

  2. I might be able to help with this depending where you are located. I'm an advertsier here and my cell is 561-346-2816.
  3. I've been involved in the heli business since 1986 and there always is an ebb and flow to every business sector. If you think about the real estate market, the stock market, the price of oil and the price of gold these asset classes have highs and lows and along the way these prices affect these industries and employment. Helicopter pilot jobs are significantly impacted by the price of oil as when the demand for oil rises against the supply the prices go up. Petroleum companies start spending on exploration that generally requires transporting workers and supplies to remote areas. W
  4. www.HeliGroundSchool.com can help you pass the test quicker with a real learning environment without watching the dude on YouTube videos charge you.
  5. Klas, share the answer with us?
  6. Might want to check with a doctor on that or in the other forum related to this site.
  7. I sort of wonder if she plans to take some lessons and buy a lottery ticket.
  8. I'm still of the opinion that it's hours and ratings and no one is asking if you have a college degree to fill a helicopter position.
  9. You might go to Las Vegas today for Heli-Success 2018 at the Westgate Hotel as this "job fair" starts tomorrow and runs for 2 days. Sunday has several speakers and the afternoon of Monday there are employers reviewing resumes. I'll be there for my 11th year and believe strongly in this as the speakers teach you need for success and many of them are then at a table hiring the next day. Many people need hours and we have a program for those that wish to pay to build hours. An airline captain just flew in last week and did 50 hours r22 and 5 hour r44 with us in seven days. He was a heli s
  10. I'm right handed but about 30 years ago when we had one helicopter and it might go from the Atlantic Ocean for a shoot to the Gulf of Mexico for a shoot and then maybe up to the Great Lakes (all in one long weekend) I did a lot of cross country flying. You get bored and then try out flying with the other hand so I learned to fly with both hands. I thought of this as a friend was working for an agency where he had to know how to fire a gun and one day they told him he had to learn to shoot with the other hand (apparently someone got shot in his shooting hand and couldn't shoot his own gun wi
  11. We remain the only school that can guarantee you a job.
  12. www.r22.us is our website for $250/hour R22 time for pilots with a minimum of PPLH. We fly in Orlando also. Tom 561-346-2816, an advertiser.
  13. They are a little vague on those minimum. Insurance companies are the ones that really set minimums.
  14. That's a LOT of insurance required which indicates they probably are only comfortable with twin turbine aircraft. Where are you located and what type of property is it?
  15. If any operator NEEDS an R44 Raven 1 for a month or longer I have one I'm not utilizing enough. I am 150 hours prepaid on a 25 hour/ month lease as are doing 12.5 hour/month. This might help someone that has wrecked a heli, waiting on a new heli or is in the middle of an overhaul. Can deliver. It's insured and 700 hours out of second overhaul with bladders and insurance. If you are a pilot and need hours fast in R44 or R22 also call. Tom 561-346-2816. We have another one 100 miles away so the plan is to consolidate the two with one heli.
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