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  1. I might be able to help with this depending where you are located. I'm an advertsier here and my cell is 561-346-2816.
  2. I've been involved in the heli business since 1986 and there always is an ebb and flow to every business sector. If you think about the real estate market, the stock market, the price of oil and the price of gold these asset classes have highs and lows and along the way these prices affect these industries and employment. Helicopter pilot jobs are significantly impacted by the price of oil as when the demand for oil rises against the supply the prices go up. Petroleum companies start spending on exploration that generally requires transporting workers and supplies to remote areas. When the price of oil is high the petroleum companies throw money at the helicopter operators and that is not right now. In the aviation world you are thinking of helicopters and airplanes as opposites but they are both powered aircraft to the FAA If you have 5000 hours in one or the other you can get all six ratings in the other easily in 200 hours of flight and then fly the other to the ATP standard. Many heli pilots have thus recently gotten airplane ratings to find that in this decade those pilots are in more demand right now. Drones are helicopter like with the operator on the ground but the operator is not a pilot. The FAA and the Heli trade organizations are trying to figure out exactly what role they will play and moving cautiously. I trained some engineers about 15 years ago in Maryland to fly R22’s and they made 4 unmaned R22 drones on a military project you can find on wiki. The instructor that worked for me at that time and trained those engineers called me the other day and we didn't event talk about that project He has 2000 hours twin turbine AW139 time and most recently was flying a well known billionaire. Two years ago a student that flew in one of my R22's came to us to get signed off for solo and he worked for a company that showed a flying prototype drone that carried 4 people. I went at his invitation to the HUGE Consumer Electronics show in Vegas and the local Boulder City airfield to watch it get light on the skids but still arrested by chains on the ground. The FAA required the 4 passenger drone to be chained down to the ground as they didn't have the evidence that they were 'safer' as they don't even know where to fit in the airpace. And I’m sure they don’t want someone to die in this new flying machine if something goes haywire. The world is always changing but one thing I can tell you is that i have many locations where I need helicopter instructors that meet our simple insurance requirements of 300 hours rotor and Instructors rating. The FAA which is interested in safety will also require 50 hours in our type of helicopter which is the R22 because of SFAR73. I know many pilots that are now shocked at how much they make and getting paid to do something they love. You are not going to find them on this forum complaining because they stopped coming to these forums to complain when they reached the number of hours where their pilot services became in demand. I come to this forum as I have a nationwide photo company that takes pictures of boats. We have a nationwide fleet of helicopters and we can train you to 300 hours and a job with us for $82,000 which makes us the cheapest in the world per helicopter hour. We have a 32 year history of employing pilots and not just training them and saying good luck. For many years if a school trained you to 200 hours and said good luck to you and you couldn't find a job my company was the safety valve that saved many a career. I was the safety valve for the guy flying the billionaire as he went to a nearby school and got 200 hours and a CFII but not a job 15 years ago. I’m still a safety valve for low time heli pilots and if you are one without a job reach out to me. As it pertains to drones and Tesla let's look at this. A drone crashed into a 63’ speedboat I was on as we were idling in Miami and we folded it up and it sits on my desk. If a Tesla fatally crashes it has human life onboard and news outlets are going report this around the world instantly as everyone is interested in this. The news outlets rarely report drone crashes and rarely airplane or helicopter crashes unless people die. Those kids that died in a Tesla near my beach in Ft Lauderdale that was going too fast had exceeded the limits of tire adhesion and took the tangent line into a wall just like you 'll see at the Indy 500 this weekend. I bike that same route the Tesla was taking and was 3000 miles away but heard about it within hours on multiple news sources. Tesla worked right away on rewriting software to help prevent this occurrence in the future. Tesla is the lightning rod for media both in financial news and motorists dying. If Bubba goes too fast in his pickup truck and hits a wall and dies it doesn't make worldwide news. If Bubba flies his helicopter into the ground it doesn’t make worldwide news. If a drone carrying humans crashes in airspace controlled by the FAA is that going to make worldwide news? Go where your passion is. If you want to train to fly a heli and have the money call your nearest school. Or call me as I can send a heli to you for training although I might not be able to find an instructor that has 300 hours rotor and meets SFAR73.
  3. www.HeliGroundSchool.com can help you pass the test quicker with a real learning environment without watching the dude on YouTube videos charge you.
  4. Klas, share the answer with us?
  5. Might want to check with a doctor on that or in the other forum related to this site.
  6. I sort of wonder if she plans to take some lessons and buy a lottery ticket.
  7. I'm still of the opinion that it's hours and ratings and no one is asking if you have a college degree to fill a helicopter position.
  8. You might go to Las Vegas today for Heli-Success 2018 at the Westgate Hotel as this "job fair" starts tomorrow and runs for 2 days. Sunday has several speakers and the afternoon of Monday there are employers reviewing resumes. I'll be there for my 11th year and believe strongly in this as the speakers teach you need for success and many of them are then at a table hiring the next day. Many people need hours and we have a program for those that wish to pay to build hours. An airline captain just flew in last week and did 50 hours r22 and 5 hour r44 with us in seven days. He was a heli student of ours in 2008 and crossed over to fixed and now flies and instruct airline pilots but he figured it was a good time to build some more hours and had the dough to pay for it. It's also run by the owner of this forum who is also a pilot recruiter.
  9. I'm right handed but about 30 years ago when we had one helicopter and it might go from the Atlantic Ocean for a shoot to the Gulf of Mexico for a shoot and then maybe up to the Great Lakes (all in one long weekend) I did a lot of cross country flying. You get bored and then try out flying with the other hand so I learned to fly with both hands. I thought of this as a friend was working for an agency where he had to know how to fire a gun and one day they told him he had to learn to shoot with the other hand (apparently someone got shot in his shooting hand and couldn't shoot his own gun with the other hand). You should probably only practice this with an instructor on board.
  10. We remain the only school that can guarantee you a job.
  11. www.r22.us is our website for $250/hour R22 time for pilots with a minimum of PPLH. We fly in Orlando also. Tom 561-346-2816, an advertiser.
  12. They are a little vague on those minimum. Insurance companies are the ones that really set minimums.
  13. That's a LOT of insurance required which indicates they probably are only comfortable with twin turbine aircraft. Where are you located and what type of property is it?
  14. If any operator NEEDS an R44 Raven 1 for a month or longer I have one I'm not utilizing enough. I am 150 hours prepaid on a 25 hour/ month lease as are doing 12.5 hour/month. This might help someone that has wrecked a heli, waiting on a new heli or is in the middle of an overhaul. Can deliver. It's insured and 700 hours out of second overhaul with bladders and insurance. If you are a pilot and need hours fast in R44 or R22 also call. Tom 561-346-2816. We have another one 100 miles away so the plan is to consolidate the two with one heli.
  15. Wannabepilot12: I answer the phone for my HelicopterAcadem.com and I take a lot of calls for people that want to fly for a police department. I also am currently training a police department in one of my R44’s and those officers are getting trained for free apparently because they trust those individuals. Trust seems to be key here. If you are not in a police department now and you have no money for training I would suggest you joint a department that has helicopters and has a history of hiring lowtime pilots. Where do you live and our “experts” on this forum will show you a lot more personalized service and knowledge in your area than you might be prepared for.
  16. I think careful longtime readers of this forum will recall that I've mentioned to Butters here that I would help him get to CFI and a job with us and that is true with any rated helicopter pilot. I do that in a loan and as they are going to work for me at $20/hour we can be flexible like if someone works for me for 1000 hours that's $20k. We don't take pix of the Vegas Strip but Lake Meade and Lake Havasu we've been known to frequent since about 1999. If someone thinks this is an advertisement consider that I'm the only active poster that actually does advertise on this forum. My cell is 561-346-2816. 300 total time rotor, 100 in our aircraft ($25K) and CFI is what we require along with RHC safety school and we conveniently keep a heli in Torrance, California as well as 4 other time zones in the USA.
  17. Bazzard, I'm in Naples also with an R44 at $550/hour and an R22 at $300/hour. We train all six ratings and can put together a program that gets you to a guaranteed job with us. All that train with us get a job when you meet the insurance requirements of 300 hours and Instructor. We have lower training rates ($250/hour) after you get your private rating as our costs become a lot cheaper. I can tailor a program to you and offer you bank financial aid or private financial aid (me). I started with R22's in 1986 over by Miami but have the entire state of Florida covered with R22's as I started this little boat photo business in 1981 and went to helicopters five years later. Some helo jobs pay very well and most helo pilots are following there passion which is rotor wing. Most rotor wing pilots are very happy and don't come to these forums anymore because of all the negativity. Google Heli Training Naples and you'll find my cell of 561-346-2816.
  18. You all realize that when oil prices drop dramatically that oil companies don't have much reason to use helicopters to explore for it and that pushes demand for pilots and helo pilot wages down, right? This happened a few years ago. And when oil is cheap airline ticket prices can go down and more people fly to more places and more airline pilots get hired because of the demand? Around 2009 when the economy was bad and the price of oil was high it was a good time to be a helicopter pilot and a bad time to be an airline pilot. This is known as "market forces" and "supply and demand." When I started flying in 1986 there was a guy at the helo flight school that had 3000 hours and living on peanuts. One day he said that an airline showed an interest in him and I never saw him again. Maybe this is why an add on commercial is only 50 hours if you already have the other commercial rating?
  19. We pay $20/hour but we fly hours at a time. With tours you might get someone that can only afford a $20 ride which is 3 minutes and it's slow to build time. I own www.HeliRides.com fyi. I actually have a CFI shortage right now and need R22 SFAR 73 and RHC school cfi's in Houston, Chicago, Puerto Rico.
  20. Heli Expo in Las Vegas runs this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and is the big nationwide heli show where you see a LOT of brand new helicopters and many movers and shakers in the industry. . I've gone every year for the last 25 years so let me give you some tips: It's an expensive show and I've paid $800 this year for badges and tables but you can pay only $30 to attend if you send me an email and I'll write you a student ticket (you pay the show) provided you aren't an ATP and we therefore have a legitimate shot at training you in our flight school: HeliAcademy@gmail.com Cheap nonstops to Vegas are always available last minute and then Uber or taxi to www.RitaSuites.com a hotel that you can walk to the convention center and is $24/night. I'll be staying there with my wife and some students who listen to me, lol. Pietro's is a great Italian restaurant across street from the Convention Center and between it and the hotel but an expensive place to drink much like the rest of the town. Stage Door has $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon beers all day and all night and you should google map that place. I think for $2 you can get a hot dog and a PBR which has to be the cheapest place in any town for a brew and a tubesteak. Walgreens and CVS abound and are a familiar discount face for things like breakfast bars, snacks and drinks. If a girl comes up and shows a lot of interest in you she probably is more interested in your money as "she'll need $500 to make you holla as she get's paid to do the wild thing!" which i kind of bastardized from the immortal Tone Loc.
  21. We still fly in Torrance, Compton, Long Beach and John Wayne. Been known to train in SandDiego and Santa Barbara as well. We guaranteed everyone a job but you'll have to meet our insurance of 300 hours rotor and as an add on to a fixed wing that's going to be expensive. Also, you might want to review SFAR73 (that's in the front of the FAR/AIM in the Special Federal Air Regulations) as it spells out that you'll need 200 hours rotor to instruct in the R22 and the R44.
  22. If you are trying to make sense of all this free stuff while you are studying for your private rating try actually paying for something that will teach you and navigate you through what resources are important and when. Try www.HeliGround.com which is on a learning network to actually teach you the material and test you on it. It will tell you when to study the questions and answers at the appropriate time (after you learned the material) and when to pull out the POH and the other free stuff mentioned above.
  23. Well the people they sold it to closed its doors a month or so ago. Too much overhead. Too high helicopter lease rates. Too few students. Too low prices. Owing a lot of people tuition money, rent money, helicopter lease payments in arrears.
  24. Helicopters are designed to land on the skid shoes under the skids and landing to a hard surface. Anything other than a hard surface like asphalt or concrete increases risks and who wants to increase risks? If you are flying a ancient era helicopter like a Bell, Brantly, Enstrom, Hughes and driving your ancient Studebaker or Oldsmobile over to the flight school remember to train to the minimum standards for the private rating and then move onto commercial rating. If your instructor wants to do all sorts of advanced stuff to show you how knowledgeable he is maybe you should seek an FAR Part 141 with a syllabus and a training course outline to keep the CFI on track and get done in minimum time. Also look at what the hourly cost of that old beater helicopter is as those are a lot thirstier and a lot more maintenance intensive and this is usually thrust upon the student in increased costs. It's great to hark back on the good old days of yore with what grandpa did before the war but you need to prepare yourself for a job in the Google, Uber, Toyota world and that's going to mean getting your time in Robinson Helicopters which is where the jobs are. The OP asked about full downs and wait for that until the CFI class.
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