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  1. Hello to all you fellow aviators or future aviators, I'm sure a post has been made similar to this one, but I couldn't find it so I just started a new one. I just wanted to comment on how beneficial this site has been for me thus far throughout my Army aviation career. I was a street to seat guy that got selected in Nov of 2012 shipped to basic in January 2013, WOCS class 13-13 and graduated flight school in Sept 2014 as a 60 driver. As you can see I've only been out of flight school a few months. I'm now stationed at Hunter AAF having a great time. When I was putting my packet together, and especially through flight school, I checked this forum every day. Not only that, but I made some good friends through here and made some lasting connections. There is TONS of good info on here but just be sure to look because I guarantee if you have thought about it, someone has already asked it. I haven't been on here in some time so I figured I'd drop in and share some of my experiences. If you're thinking about putting in a packet, the biggest thing you can do is not worry about what other people's stats are. I worried myself sick on what I had/didn't have compared to others and it was just a complete waste of energy. Stick to what you can control. Also, if you're worried about the Army downsizing and taking less people for flight school blah blah blah. As most people will tell you who have been selected, it was the exact same BS we heard so don't let it deter you. I realize there are people on here with tons more experience than myself so I don't know what I could help with, but if I can please let me know. Good luck to all of you.
  2. Hey everybody, I graduate from WOCS this week so please let me know if you need any help with the process of WOFT. I was selected on the Nov board and started basic in Jan so it's still very fresh in my mind. I know it can be a headache getting your packet together so if I can be of any assistance please let me know and I'll do my best to help. Just like you, I used this site daily to get more information and figure as much as possible about becoming a warrant officer. The biggest thing I learned was not to worry about what other people's stats were, but to focus on making my packet the best I could. If this is what you know you want to do, then don't stop working at it.
  3. Hey everybody good luck to all of you on this upcoming board. I won't be able to see the results since I'll be gone, so hopefully I'll see you all at Rucker one day. Just try and relax, you've made it this far which is more than so many people can say.
  4. Has anybody here gotten married while in training? I'm worried that if i don't go down to the courthouse before I ship, i'll never get a break to have a wedding hence not having my fiancee on post with me. I know that sounds a little pessimistic but just curious if anyone else has faced a similar situation.
  5. Hey guys, sorry i havent posted in a few days. I'm going to Sill in Jan (brrr)
  6. Had PRK august of 2011. Best decision i ever made. I was like 20/100 and now i'm 20/15. The recovery was painful on my end but well worth it. Like everyone said above, it's your personal preference. Many people have had great results so either one works.
  7. Got my date yesterday. Shipping out in January. Kinda blind-sided me on how soon it is but definitely ready to get this going
  8. Hey guys just a general question I had about my flight phys. I understand they're good for 18 months so that means we'll have to have another one before we go to Rucker right? Just curious how it works staying current with your physical once you ship.
  9. AGE: 25 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 96/132 AFAST: 122 APFT: 291 EDUCATION: B.A. Insurance/Risk Management 2.7 GPA FLIGHT: PPL 65 Hrs TT BOARD: 74/75 LORS: 5: AF Col. Head of my state's ANG wing, AF Col., VP of my college and alumni advisor to my fraternity, college professor, State Senator OTHER INFO: President of my fraternity for 2 years, involved in Big Brother's Big Sister's program, Boy's and Girl's Club, American Lung Association Volunteer experience SELECTED: November 2012
  10. Just found out I got SELECTED!!!! Looks like I'll be seeing yall soon!
  11. This may be a dumb question, but is there any way I can find out besides waiting on my recruiter to call me? I've tried reaching out to them and the BN recruiting office and they said they're waiting on the memo to come down listing the list but that's obviously not the case since you all have found out and I'm still in the dark.
  12. Nice job guys! Still waiting from mine to give me a buzz....
  13. This whole last week has been like the night before Christmas for me. Ready to hear something! Good luck to all of you.
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