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  1. I use blade covers installed prior to moisture/frost building on blades. 15 min to install, 5 to remove on an A109E. A heater in the cabin will keep windows from frosting up. Edit: heater also makes water, which rolls down and makes icicles :-/
  2. Nothing beats a visit, showing up at a time other than Heli-success would at least help you stick out in their memory. As far as timing, hopefully some tour guys might chime in but unfortunately I think luck has a lot to do with it. Try networking with line pilots too, if you become friendly with one of them they might be able to get the chief to take a longer look at your resume. Knowing someone has helped me get every job I ever got, cold calls I was lucky to get a call/email response. Network, network, network!
  3. I wouldn't. My first job was for ridiculously low pay but at least I was paid. This sounds like a new low. Although at least you're not paying him to work like Boatpix.
  4. I guess you really wouldn't like hot fueling yourself...
  5. A loose 5 yr old can get hurt in a thousand different ways, a parent needs to be next to them & in control. Hot loading is the only way to make up & downs feasible.
  6. No leads but should be a piece of cake to find a place in Enterprise. Thats the only decent place to live around there IMO
  7. +1 on all of the above, be as social as possible without annoying anyone. Collect emails from key players & write them after the event to cement yourselves in their memory. Follow up periodically to maintain the relationships. Listen carefully & take notes.
  8. Another successful job placement by DP, he is the man!
  9. Another good one: "Don't let your logbook exceed your ability."
  10. Ah yes, more government oversight, exactly what we need. How can they audit logbooks when the FARs don't even require you to have one?
  11. I have the same nightmare, amazing it's so common amongst pilots.
  12. I was flying power line patrol today & was approaching a sub-station near a really high span of wire crossing a river. I was monitoring 123.02 and suddenly there was a warning alarm siren and a woman's voice saying, "Power line! Power line!" in my ears! The alarm sound scared the hell out of me. Never heard of it before but apparently PG&E has proximity detectors at certain spans. There is a light that flashes too but I didn't see it.
  13. They can, and will. I have seen the results of 206 blades cutting through 230kv conductors and the pilot was able to continue flying the aircraft. You would have to be one lucky SOB though.
  14. I did not train there but I have been to their facility several time & everyone there was very friendly & the aircraft look good.
  15. Sucks to lose a VR comrade. Watch those wires, most of my time is in the wire environment and I still have close calls on a regular basis. It takes constant vigilance. RIP
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