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  1. Saw this and thought it was interesting: "Dear Just Helicopters Members, We're trying to get some support for our Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) petition from pilots like you. This is really important to ALL pilots and does not pertain only to helicopter operations. We are all faced with increasing flight restrictions - most of which are without notice and without the knowledge of ATC. All it takes to get violated is the President deciding to make a last minute visit to a place where you are flying, or a sporting event to reschedule. It has happened to thousands of pilots since 2003 and
  2. My advice is to find a helicopter mechanic to work with. Most A&P schools are generally concentrated in fixed wing. Like everyone says you need experience. Nobody is going to hire a fresh grad to take care of thousands if not millions of dollars of equipment. Sry. Plus fresh grads do not know anything. You need to know more than you think, such as wood finishing, welding electrical, turbines, pistons, list goes on forever. I have worked with a couple of fresh grads the only thing they are good for is cleaning and safety wiring. Sometimes not even that. Best way to do it is work unde
  3. I say whatever group/religion promotes peace and love in this world, I think that's great. As for the fictional character comment, its not funny.
  4. I did college and flight school at the same time. I qualified for financial aid and was able to get a cheaper loan interest rate because I was going to school which in turn helped me pay for helo school. It is all about what you put your mind to. "If is to be its up to me." Now I have a great job that pays more than most helicopter entry positions, getting lots of experience, and enjoying life.
  5. Everything you just said was your opinion plus Romney had nothing to do with the medical bill being passed therefore why was it necessary to mention him? Also, who do you mean THEY, some Republicans do agree with most of what the new bill has to offer. You make it sound like Obama is picked on, which is obliviously not the case; remember it takes both Republicans and Democrats to pass a bill.
  6. Nobody will know until 2014 when "Obamacare" will take full effect. Even now we do not know if it is a good or bad thing. But anyhow life will go on.
  7. every 2200 hrs/12 years needs to overhauled
  8. I have some questions regarding Temsco. How much do they pay monthly (it does not say on their website)? How is it flying for them? Do you have to sign a contract? Thanks.
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