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  1. Bossman, That is so much nicer than I would have put it to this Jesse character! You show excellent restraint. Good luck with the bird. BTW, are you getting VN-1100's or FH-1100's?
  2. I'm stumped as to why you would pay $143.19 every night to stay in a Motel 8.
  3. 67, The wings on this site are "Air Assault" wings. They are not Pilot wings. Mostly ground troops have these!
  4. Bossman, Are you getting one of the new VN-1100's, or a re-furbished FH-1100? If Refurb, which tail #? I have seen a few flying around here. NW Florida!
  5. Just to chime in here. It can not be certified Restricted. It will have to be Experimental (Exhibition)! No passengers for hire! It is a one pilot aircraft. the Gunner sits in front and can not start the aircraft. He can fly it only if the pilot allows him to engage the flight controls from the pilot seat, and it is more than difficult to fly from the front! It is almost considered an emergency procedure to allow the Gunner to land due to pilot injury! No Flight Engineer in this one unlike the Mi-8 or Mi-17. They normaly fly with a crew of 3.
  6. There are only two "FAA" rated Mi-24 pilots in the US. I know you have not made contact with them to train you. This beast is not a R-22. Also, The FAA does not have an approved Maint program. They can approve one that you submit but they will not give you one! Good Luck!
  7. So who do you anticipate performing the assembly and then teaching you how to fly! What maintenance program are you goig to use? Trust me, those questions need to be answered! It sounds as if you are about to become a statistic! Good luck!
  8. Jesse, Where do you get your info? Unless you have facts, do not spread rumor and propaganda here! Your ability to yell and sling mud seems to me to be unfounded. Please read the other threads in the General section to bring yourself up to date. Now if what you say is factual, what are your sources and why are you not talking to the feds as a witness? What was Georges name prior to this?
  9. On the news interview, Georges Van Nevel claims that the FAA is out to get the little guy! He states it's intimidation and unfounded. From what I know, Cedric Van Nevel (son) left the company several months ago to go fly in the Gulf. He had some father/son difficulties in how the business was being run. Again, that is only second/third hand rumor mill info and not gospel!
  10. Local news reported that the authorities shut down Van Nevel Helicopters today due to Safety complaints! More news to follow as it come in!
  11. I do not think you can levy the bad reputation of the helicopter industry that JH reflects on the lack of moderation or owners. It's the helicopter industry that posts there, that hold the reputation in their responses! If you choose to hang out there then take it for what it's worth. Hang out here and enjoy the professionals and their opinions on what the industry is all about! Bottom line. It's not the street corner that you need to watch out for, but the people that hang out there!
  12. "Brett M. Woods Student Services Director/Houston, TX Instructer" Did they not teach you how to spell your title there? Just wondering!!
  13. I would be happy to share if your email address was correct in your pm. Try again!
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