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  1. Same for me, BCT this coming week then WOCS late April.
  2. Anyone else out there, besides Oster and I, mid April WOCS people?
  3. What about good apartment complexes and property management companies to work with? Any advice on the good ones or good apartment complexes you'd recommend in the Enterprise area?
  4. I got a call from the Battalion CO informing me I was selected. That was on a Thursday morning around 0930 CT, but that was last board which was delayed by a day. I then called my recruiter who said he already knew but the Battalion CO told him to keep it quiet because he wanted to be the one to call. Not sure how long the recruiter knew before I did... I can't imagine it was long.
  5. How far in advance of graduation do you find out your location?
  6. I got the two CW5 LORs for my packet the old fashioned way. Looked up their names and where they were located, constructed a letter explaining my background, qualifications, and thoughts on what I wanted to do in the future, put a stamp on it and threw it in the mail. Within two weeks both had emailed me as well as called me willing to answer any questions I had on the process. After getting to know them a bit through talking on the phone as well as email, both offered to put together LORs for me. Like everyone has said on this forum, you'd be surprised as how willing most of them are to lend a helping hand. They were all in this same position at one time as well!
  7. Any idea what the average was for this past Nov board?
  8. AGE: 29 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 91 / 133 SIFT: 70 APFT: 270 EDUCATION: University of Iowa - Major: Economics - Minor: Business Management (3.02GPA) FLIGHT: None BOARD: 75/75 LORS: CW5 USASOAC, CW5 160th SOAR(A), LTC (Ret.) Aviator, High School Principal, College Internship Boss, 2nd College Internship Boss Other: Marathon Runner, Many leadership positions within current and past positions, as well as charity groups. Selected: November 2013
  9. Never saw a memo. Just received a call from the CO of the Battalion who told me I was selected and said I needed to get in touch with my recruiter to get set up for MEPS on Monday to get everything sorted out.
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