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  1. If someone who is good at Interneting could please post a meme along the lines of a B52 dropping "knowledge bombs," I'd appreciate that.
  2. Right. I had considered that as well, which is why I got most of my information from here and the branch website. I get its a long shot, it's just what I've always wanted to do in the army. However, I'm not going to sabotage myself for a pipe dream. I'll just wait a year and see what the situation is then. Thanks for the input.
  3. Yes, I'm feeding the troll. Sorry. Sure, bring up a SEL at the bar as a conversation starter. Thats an awesome hobby and I wish I had the spare time to fly on the side. However, I'm going to fill you in here that army aviation is full of all the people you can't even get along with on this semi professional forum. This is no hobby and most are deeply committed to serving the nation; a fact that you derided earlier. I've spent 12 years in army aviation, though only 3 as a pilot. If this is your personality, then you just won't mesh with the rest of us (it's not you, it's me?). Do you think brand new PC Lindsey (about when you'd be graduating) will recommend you at a PC board? Would I? You need to reflect a bit and calm your tits, or figure out another career goal. Maybe you just don't represent well on the Internet. Doubt it. Most of the time Internet you is fairly close to regular you. Edit: 7 years of recruiting? Opinion instantly discounted. Seriously wtf.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll probably wait a year and try push a 4187 up through our cwob when I'll be going back to Rucker anyway for school. If not...It's not like I don't like what I'm doing already, just would have preferred fixed if possible.
  5. Please tell people at the bars outside Fort Rucker that you're a flight school student. Oh man, will people be impressed. Shame on the recruiter who has met you and continues to help process your paperwork. I'll be rooting for you though. Our current fridge guy has a lot of potential so it'd be nice to get a career fridge person into the unit and give him a better additional duty. Maybe you could pull all of our staff duty too.
  6. It depends and it's impossible to quantify/average. For three months I was making less than minimums, then I got 25 in four days. For a month and a half I didn't fly, then I got 67 in 30 days. I'd expect at least 12 a month if that helps.
  7. Hello All, I see on the aviation branch website that fixed wing panels are no longer being conducted as everything transitions to IERW accessions. That being said, there are a lot of things that aren't done or are impossible, that still happen by other avenues. If anyone has any insight into the situation please let me know here or by PM. IE: You fell into a fixed wing slot and your classmate is active duty and not a W01, etc. I'm an active duty CW2 with less than a year in grade who has over 50 hours PC time untracked, so I'd imagine I'm not too far off the accessions intent. Thanks in advance, Rob
  8. I remember using the payphones in the barracks at my first duty station.
  9. That's disappointing. I know several former warrants who went commissioned and made a positive impact at the company level.
  10. My class had a prior marine. Dude was cut but he failed situps several times and ended up failing completely out of wocs. I'm sure you've got it covered just fyi: army is big on situps for some reason. We can't do pullups, however.
  11. Yeah I do get what you mean though. I gave away all my primary stuff but I'm definitely keeping the book that summarizes aeromed, airspace, aerodynamics, etc. If you do get a chance to take a look at your ATM you'll probably see a good guideline for what should be in an "APART book" in chapter 3. It'll be under evaluation sequence. At least that's where it was when I was a NCM FI. Edit: still in the same place in my new ATM so likely in the same place in the Apache atm.
  12. If you look in your respective aircraft's aircrew training manual it outlines your checkride. IPs are supposed to ask questions from certain areas and evaluate a set task list under the appropriate modes of flight. Additional annual requirements are in the 3-04.11. Honestly I haven't even delved into it on the Blackhawk because I haven't graduated the course yet...So I'm still being evaluated based on a flight training guide (or whatever they changed the name to). You're getting a little ahead of yourself. Graduate flight school first, then you can start war gaming your progression and APART by reading stuff like the 3-04.11. Read appendix A so you can call your IP out on your 7122 entries. I'm sure he'll appreciate that lol. Edit: I am, however saving the documents I've found to be particularly helpful for reference at the unit. Airspace etc.
  13. Lol. It's griping. There's a difference! Now someone take my Internet away so I can practice prattling on about the stabilator.
  14. Yeah...at the end of the day I'll be fine and it's not like any of the instructors have been bad. They're all very knowledgeable and good teachers (within their own various styles). I'm likely to put it in a barrel roll next time someone gives me another technique on stick trim that they want to see me try out though.
  15. I have been flying a Blackhawk for 10 days and I've been subjected to 5 different instructor pilots/techniques. Sure wish they had enough permanent IPs.
  16. One of the groups we used to work with in Iraq had "our ops are blacker than your ops" on their door. Sums it up quite nicely. I swear people just like talking about how much secret stuff they know...defeats the purpose doesn't it?
  17. I would forever remind him that his mom thanked me....Reason nonspecific.
  18. But he heard it from a buddy! Quit crushing dreams.
  19. Apparently they really softened up that course. You pretty much had to run to pass just last year and my class lost over 10 candidates. Maybe if they had considered some form of risk mitigation or an accountability plan back then that guy wouldn't have died a couple classes later. It's ironic that they'll chew out the "road guard officer" because someone forgot a vest, but no cadre were rushing to take oownership of a real failure. Just play their games and flush the nonsense from wocs after you graduate. You'll learn the real stuff before you start IERW.
  20. This seems like something already completely covered by the navy and marines. ..I thought the whole point of separate services was specialization.
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