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  1. I got so wrapped up in taking the test i forgot to even pay attention to not answering questions i was unsure of in the sections it said not to guess...I.E. I answered every single question on the test lol..I still managed to get a 63
  2. and to you as well, I'm not trying to be a prick I was just stating an opinion to the previous post when you asked for thoughts, nothing more nothing less, I did not mean to disrespect anyone on this board and I am truly sorry if I did. I do hope you get the matters resolved that you need so you can complete your packet.
  3. EDIT: I realized how childish this post looked
  4. Just my thoughts/opinion...as the old saying goes, opinions are like a**holes, everyones got one and they all stink
  5. kind of hypocritical after not hesitating to ask others for as much info as possible about the sift after they took it but thats just my two cents...I do agree with Tydaddy though on his remarks about being a perspective future leader and initiative
  6. I dunno about civilians but for AD after you complete the SIFT they give you an official letter from the DOA they print out stating you took the test on this date and this location and scored a __ on the sift test...we have to submit that with our packet, so I dont see why they would not see your test score especially since it is an aptitude test and a higher score is suppose to suggest a better chance at successfully passing the flight program...just my thoughts
  7. I didnt take the 15 min break finished about 1hr 45m
  8. if you go back a little further in this post myself and some others gave pretty detailed reviews of each section on the SIFT
  9. Helo knowledge was pretty similar there were a few air frame specific questions on the SIFT and the reading comp was a passage with 4 statements to choose from that would say different things from the passage but only one could made solely from the information provided in the passage...I used the reading comp from the ARCO guide for one of the other branches ASTB practice test and it worked out pretty well for me
  10. Not trying to thread jack but im trying to explain the selection process to my CoC since there not looking into the process at all other then what i tell them...but for interservice transfers its still 5-8 months to report to rucker from when your board selected correct? there still being really uptight about me leaving before December if they grant me my 368 so i can do the July board...any help is appreciated guys
  11. Just read on the usa rec page that the 12 month tis requirement can be waived for AD applicants now so I can get my packet finished up and submit it instead of waiting till i separate at the end of the year!!! this weekend just got awesome lol
  12. Hey lindsey just curious if you or anyone else knows since Im going to separate from the navy and apply woft the civilian route now ...are there boards every month of the calendar year for civilian ? just curious since i will separate late November and i know AD boards don't happen the last few months of the year, thanks!!
  13. Good to go...good luck should be easy once you get in touch with them !!
  14. Fyi the test documents i mentioned can't be anymore then 3 months old when you do the part two with flight doc i had to get some done over so i could use the results...good luck but if you can get to belvoir they make it simple and will help you the whole way they deal with inter service all the time...
  15. Jag i called the nearest army base with flight medicine which was belvoir and scheduled mine directly with them...i completed my ekg dental optometry and hearing test at my own base clinic using the forms belvoir emailed me for the part 1...after completing them and e mailing them back i scheduled my final part went to belvoir the doc checked me out did all the lil test he needed submitted my physical electronically to rucker and it was approved in 6 days hope this helps some.
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