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  1. Approximately 1,500 HAA bases. 4 pilots per base. That's roughly 6,000 pilots working in HAA. 73 openings isn't all that much considering how many pilots we have and the growth of the industry just in the last few years.
  2. Fire marshal, public works officer, NVG officer, pubs officer and of course, food service officer. All additional duties given to me on my first duty station. That doesn't even scratch the surface in all the non flying classes and training events you'll attend. The Army, like other services just isn't going to pay you to fly.
  3. That's because a lot of them were flying before the current cuts took over. I did 12 yrs and 3,880 hrs. You're not going to get those numbers today.
  4. Honor grads don't sweat small things like wrinkled pants. Chalk 4 needs to tighten up though. His spacing is way off.
  5. One of my former students was a 40 yr old WO1 in the NG with a waiver. Wasn't exactly God's gift to aviation. Trying to learn a new craft that late in life can be overwhelming for some.
  6. I don't use it for total time and no longer use it for instrument time. Does a military sim count for a certified sim (level D)? For instruments does your instructor meet the requirements of part 61 and sign off on dual in your log books? Is the time used for instruments for obtaining a certificate or instrument recency experience? I've got 294 hours of military sim time and claim none of it in job applications or annual insurance. Really it's something long over due for the FAA to address. Too many equivalent military training systems that should get automatically accepted on the civilian side.
  7. Most programs use canned flight plans on DUATS that are ready to go. They use propriety instrument approaches at local hospitals and they call ATC on the phone for clearances. All of this should be be worked out by your regional managers / IPs before you go full IFR. Some of this stuff will be covered in your GOM / Opsecs. The whole instrument thing sounds good on paper but in mountainous areas, the IAP / ODP mins are so high, it's not worth it. Until they develope an aircraft that can land on a road intersection 0/0, instruments won't be that beneficial to air ambulance.
  8. I didn't know VR had a chat room. At this rate we'll bust 3,000 posts before the month is out.
  9. Whatevs. I was going to give you a tour of the basement of the aviation museum on Rucker but not now.
  10. I adhere to VR policy and not disclose PMs in a public format. I replied to his PMs several times but he has yet to acknowledge those replies.
  11. Do I sense some jealousy "linds?" You could've been a mother figure to Shins but no, had to bring him down. If you're not here to help then STAY IN THE KITCHEN!
  12. What the hell you talking about? I wasn't even "in junior high" during Nam. Sucking on my thumb and playing with my own chit is what I was doing. Six, as in six o'clock baby! Meaning, I got yo back. Gawd, you gotta get these aviation terms down if you have any chance at making it big in Army Aviation.
  13. Dude, I've had your six on this all along. PM me when you get down here at Rucker and we'll hit Hungry Howies for pizza or drink some soda at Teasers. Got the inside gouge on all the primary tests on the Osage so you'll be way ahead of all these posers on here. Rise "above the best" Shindig!
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