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  1. Vision standards changed around mid 2000. No longer 20/20 uncorrected both near and far. Now: http://usmilitary.about.com/library/milinfo/armedfly/blvision.htm
  2. Well to each his own but I think it would be pretty cool to fly fighters. Worked them for 8 yrs doing ATC in the Marines. There's still a lot of hands on flying in a fighter. I agree, their future will be limited compared to helos though. Don't let a recruiter experience get you down. I had my APFT scheduled with them three different times. First time they cancelled at the last minute. Second time, they changed the meeting place without telling me. Third time, I got lost trying to find them. I was so ticked off with dealing with people who didn't care about my plight I said screw it, I'll stay in the Marines. I was literally a right turn away from never applying when I saw them forming up for PT. knocked out a 297 and the rest was history. Knocked out another 297 the next day in the Marines as well. Probably some sort of record there. 😀 So yeah, while I do agree as a whole, you have more people per capita in the Marines that are dedicated towards excellence, don't compare a recruiter to Army Aviation. Two different things.
  3. Don't judge the Army by how you were treated by some recruiters. Definitely don't judge Army Aviation by some recruiter either. Yes, there are people in the Army who have no attention to detail and don't give a damn about serving. They joined because they needed a job and don't care how well they do that job. Not many of those people in the Marines but then again, it's a far smaller service as well. Your experience with a recruiter and an AD Army Aviation unit will be like night and day. As far as MEDEVAC, first you'd have to get 60s. No guarantee for that or being assigned MEDEVAC out of FS. Not so hard to get after your first duty station but you'll have to go where there's an opening. Also, the glamour or status that you may see in MEDEVAC might be from hearing stories in the last two wars. Unless another war breaks out soon, you won't be saying "when I have your wounded" anytime soon. You'll spend your days practicing hoist and doing interhospital transfers and hardly getting any flight time. In the Marines you'll have a chance at jets and you'll be making more money. In the Army you'll spend far less out of cockpit and have far more duty stations. It's up to you.
  4. I agree with what Scott said above. Pick the mission you want to do. Worry about retirement when it comes. Doesn't matter what you fly, if you do 20 years in a twin engine, IFR aircraft and you have an ATP, you're gonna have your pick of most jobs. If you wanted air ambulance (HAA), a 60 over a 64 wouldn't matter. There's another poster in VR that's retired 64 and flys HAA. Special on Lifetime channel on HAA and one of the pilots flew 64s as well; a CPT at that. How a CPT got 2,000 hrs in a 64 I'll never know. 😀
  5. Any airframe will do. Just off hand some of the guys I work with flew UH-60s, AH-1s, CH-46s, CH-47s, UH-1s, OH-58s & V-22. Generally, the instrument jobs will want heavy prior instrument time. In that case I'd lean towards either the 60 or the 47. Still, a 64 IE would have no problem rolling into a SPIFR gig when they retire. Some of your higher end corporate jobs and GOM S-92 / S-76 jobs will require an ATP to fly as a Capt as well. Plenty of commercial helo jobs that just require a COM though. Just depends on what you want to fly, where you want to work, and how much money will allow you and your family to live comfortably.
  6. I see my one and only U everyday. It's on my car key ring. Darn boost off!😫 Of course my stick buddy weakened it prior to my period...at least that's what I tell myself.
  7. It's not tiny if you've only flown R22s. For Lindsey it's like flying a Super Stallion.
  8. Once again, the OP wasn't asking whether a type rating existed in the past. Pretty sure all of us, except for you, understood the question pertained to today, not when you got your type. "Can you get assigned OV-1s out of flight school?" "No. No OV-1s." "WRONG! I got OV-1s back in 1985 right out of flight school. They still exist today in a few civilian hands." Doesn't matter what happened 30 years ago. The OP wants to know about CURRENT practices.
  9. There was no need for the "WRONG!" I thought it was quite obvious that Joe was replying to the question as it applies today. The OP didn't ask if they issued B206 type ratings 30 yrs ago. He wants to know current information. Nothing wrong with giving a historical context behind a regulation / policy but do it tactfully.
  10. After we "set up shop" such as in OIF / OEF, yes, quality of life is similar. You live on airfields and have the same facilities as the FW guys. The first stages of war you're constantly on the move. Guys were living in the aircraft / tents for the first few weeks. The FW guys were living at established airfields located just outside the AO. You should train to live in a tactitical assembly area for weeks at a time. That's living in a tent in the middle of the woods on some restricted area. It's like a mini town with ATC, FARP, maintenance facilities, chow hall, etc, etc. Back in the day we used to strap MILES gear to the aircraft and get shot at. I think those events (ASET IV) are pretty rare these days.
  11. For God's sake, whatever you do, don't over strain yourself with trying to do too many push ups! I read somewhere, the number one injury for work injuries in the military is from trying to do too many push-ups. A close second to that is "out of breath pain" from trying to run too hard. Take it or leave it but my advice is to take the next 2 to 14 weeks off to recoup. After that, come back and train within your comfort zone.
  12. 4 hrs NG in 2 months? Gotta get on that man. You'll barely break semiannual mins at that rate. Forget how to set the HUD up flying that infrequently. 😀
  13. Yep, flight ops will make a copy of your last page and write "certified true copy" on it. A quick entry into the computer. As far as it counting for anything, well that's up to your commander / SP. You already meet their min hours for PC but that's just a basic requirement. You should have some sort of PC checklist with tasks that must be signed off??? By the time you get RL 1 and get all that stuff signed off, you should already have the min hours without your civ time. It'll help to have that time because instead of looking at you for PC at 300 hrs, in reality they're looking at 500 hrs. I really wouldn't look at getting PC as hitting an hour level though. It helps but it's only one piece to the puzzle. Unless you're in a pretty weak unit, PC is more about getting proficient at your CTL than anything. Civ hrs won't mean a thing when it comes to that. You need to attend some time to know your aircraft & mission before you get PC. If not you'll be boarded with the min hrs and they'll be like "well what FTX experience does he have? How much instrument time? Has he done gunnery? How much NVG time? What about formation work?" If they can't answer questions like that with confidence in your abilities, total won't matter much.
  14. Nope. Went away years ago. Not even sure WOCS wears them anymore???
  15. Worked with a guy at Lowe who went 60s AF but I believe he went active. His last night at work just happened to be a check ride night. Gave both students 100s. 😄
  16. No idea. Friends that I knew were all either sub 30 or just over 30. Basically fairly junior warrants.
  17. I knew plenty of pilots who would have loved to IST just not many who actually did the legwork to put in for an IST. They either wanted a better quality of life, wanting to fly a different airframe or just tired of Army policies. All the ones that I knew who were serious about transferring got accepted. Never heard of anyone getting turned down.
  18. I knew maybe 6 who did interservice to ANG. They now fly C-130, C-5, KC-135 & HH-60s. Knew a couple who went active (A-10s) as well. Those two had to start from day one at flight school. Of course there's the whole CG thing as well. They're full of transfers. They do an abbreviated AOCs / flight school. Went out to see my buddy a few months ago that flys 60s for them. He's former Army and he introduced me to two other pilots. One was former Army (OH-58) and the other was former Marine (C-130).
  19. In theater? Same B-huts / trailers / tents that the ground guys use. FTX? Could be a crappy barracks but I've done the tent thing, both 2 man and GP on a few occasions. Generally those FTXs were 3 weeks at a time. Obviously field chow halls / MREs. Also flown around with camo paint on my face during an FTX because the BN CDR wanted it that way.😏 Still, if you compare it to ground units you're not spending nearly as much time in the field and not on foot patrol while there. So yeah, Army Aviation does "rough it" occasionally but you still have it relatively good.
  20. Things must have changed since I got out. I spent many a night in a tent in the woods.
  21. Yes. I conducted a survey a few years back and 67 % of enlisted soldiers wanted to be Army Aviators. I also concluded that the other 33 % were liars and actually wanted to fly.
  22. Well at least the Army is buying new aircraft to replace the ones at DHN that are ragged out. Im sure the Grobs will get used well in training. I'm just wondering about the utility of having 4 T-6s at Redstone. It's not like that place is hopping with activity these days. 4 T-6s for chase duties???
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