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    always my family and whats left of the day I enjoy flying helicopters or airplanes. And when the day is not good for flying I enjoy a nice trailride in my 4x4.
  1. Well, I just found out that I was not offered the job. They had called and left a voicemail saying they appreciated the interview and of the 15 they interviewed, they chose the top 4 for the next round and unfortunately I was not one of them. I tried to call back and get some insight on how my interview actually went, but so far nothing. I am really impressed that they called to tell me instead of mail or email. Well on the positive side I guess I don't have to pack up and move.........oh well continuing on with sending out resumes and networking.
  2. Flying Pig is correct, I was a former military pilot, and what I have found the most interesting (and frustrating) is that even with all the training and ratings the military gives(I.E. flir, nvs, nvg, turbine, twin turbine) a pilot, they don't mean squat unless you have the hours to please the insurance companies. I am really looking forward to flying again whether it be for this job or any other. I will post what the results were and see if I can get any feedback on the interview to maybe help someone else in the future.
  3. I meant to reply earlier to your post Kodoz, but I ended getting real busy at work till now. So I had applied to a position doing pipeline and powerline patrols and was lucky enough to get a phone interview. Never having one I had no idea what to expect. I will try to remember all the details as I ended up having my phone interview today. I was very interesting to say the least. I was on a conference call with the owner, the general manager, and I believe the chief pilot. The very first question they asked was for me to tell them about myself. I feel I failed that one due to me bein
  4. I finally did it. After years of dedication, and months of networking and NEVER giving up, I have finally heard the words...."We would like to set-up a phone interview" Its a big moral booster seeing as though this is 1 of 3 responses I have received from sending out countless resumes....of course the others being in the sorry but after consideration we chose someone else category. So with all that being said, this is my first interview ever for a flying position. I want to be on top of my game in every category possible and was wondering if anyone has any tips (or would like to share the
  5. Hi, I am a commercial / Instrument rotorcraft and ASEL pilot living in Minnesota. I have 1000+ hrs TT and 780 hrs helicopter and have FLIR, NVG, NVS and twin turbine experience. Feel free to contact me at nick.lundt@gmail.com. Thanks for looking
  6. I have heard the horror stories about people that paid thousands to SSH and got screwed. I thankfully am not one. Not much in life is certain anymore. Whether it’s another SSH ordeal or a sat afternoon fun flight, a person has to stay situationally aware as much as possible because the curveballs will hit you if you’re not ready. .
  7. Nearly Retired, I appreciate your input and probably do need to get my head examined. Sorry about the profile info, I got caught up with work and family life as most people can understand. And while I agree fully with your post, I feel networking is an art in my opinion not just a task you set out to complete. A brief history of me. I started out as an Army Helicopter pilot. After getting out I almost got sucked into the Silver State Helicopter pit. Thankfully I talked to them one day and when I went back the next day they were closed. Took a real hit on my confidence of finding a flyi
  8. Hello all. I am told that the key to success in life is networking, and while I am not new to aviation, I am new to this site. I took a few years off from flying to focus on my studies and unexpected family additions so now I am looking to connect to fellow aviators and get myself back into the network of life. So in short.... Hello. Nick
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