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  1. It has those sweet retractable wheels, makes me feel like I'm a coastie flying the HH65 Dolphin. And that video was horrible. I mean they were unique in playing the video game angle, but the CGi background ruined it.
  2. I hope you're right, because I'd like for the sept board to get here quickly.
  3. Yeah, that's what I was thinking... Living in the barracks, but getting BAH for the family. What are the barracks like?
  4. http://usmilitary.about.com/od/housingallowance/l/blbahrules.htm See Rule 29 on the chart of that link. Thoughts? I hope that WOFT qualifies, as it is expensive to live in Northern VA, and that's where my family is staying while I'm at Rucker.
  5. What about if you're married, but your family stays back home and doesn't move to Rucker. Can you still get BAH for your home record, if you stay on base? Or would you be up the creek with regards to paying for housing back home, since Rucker is a PCS? I'm thinking along the lines of an unaccompanied remote (i.e. Korea). Anyone know anything about that option?
  6. My girl runs long distance and has a sticker on the back of the car that says "my sport is your sports punishment". I always laugh when I read it bc I find zero enjoyment in running a long way.
  7. I love the periscope on the head tied with red panties to help with eye dominance.
  8. Apaches = tennis Yep, I see the correlation :-)
  9. 58s (changed from 64s). It's a tie between hockey and racing motorcycles (sportbikes, MotoGP,etc)
  10. Do we need to change the title to "best movie that includes flying of some sort"? Blackhawk Down was primarily MOUT tactics, but the title includes a helicopter, its based on a helicopter crashing and it contains lots of scenes with birds flying and operating. Let's no split hairs here.
  11. I had listed Blackhawk down as my #2. But then I took out my list when I realized that I was way more detailed with why I picked them. I even mentioned the little birds and the sychronized take off to "voodoo child".
  12. You're right. When Lindsey visited DC, she met up with d10 and I, and had Yuengling for the first time. I guess she liked it enough I haven't been west of the mississippi (and buying beer) frequently enough to speak towards it's rarity, but it's common in VA.
  13. Hell yeah Lindsey!!! That video is awesome. It's hard to find good, clear, recent footage from in the cabin (of any helicopter really). It cool to see it from that perspective for a while.
  14. I guess that depends on your opinion of an "A**hole", but I never got that vibe. Of course I will naturally be a bit sour towards anyone who gets selected before me (even if you HAVE been applying for 6 years). I'll also send you a congratulatory Yuengling.
  15. Yeah I liked Flyboys and Pearl Harbor. Hard to have a lot of helicopter focused movies, so we settle with planes. Executive Decision was pretty bad.
  16. We all have a passion or being pilots and we have made a lot of movie references, so I thought I'd see which movies you all liked best/ worst. There are a lot to choose from, and with varying amounts of flying footage, but gives us your top 3 best and worst.
  17. *sigh*. Now we gotta restructure the rankings. It's now l3uller, then Linds 2nd, then PhrogGuy and robo tied for 3rd.
  18. The Chinook version would say, "I shall fear no evil, cause I've got a belly full of badass, high trained sons of bitches, with a .50 cal on the back and we will mess your sh*t up!!"
  19. So I bet you love watching the end of "True Lies"??
  20. I like the motivation, optimism and overall good spirit you bring to the forum. I hereby dub you #3. And you can officially stay and be part of the "cool kids" group.
  21. LoL. I still have mine. From 7 years ago. And almost every picture from my deployments to Qatar, Iraq and Saudi, I'm wearing one when not on duty.
  22. But that's like saying if you were AF, you would pick a C-130 or C-17 over a F-22 or F-15. Granted the Globemaster is a nice ride and you would get to see a lot of places on the short TDYs. The Hercules is a pain. Pain to ride in, pain to listen to, and pain to look at (although the J model is a nice upgrade). I was stationed at Little Rock AFB for 4 years. If I never hear a C-130 throttle up and do an engine test again, it will be too soon. I grew up obsessed with fighters. So I'd love to sit and work on one every day. Who knows, I may one day get a courtesy ride from the pilot; which would be infinitely cooler than any transport. Kind of an off comparison... I see your point though.
  23. If the 47 and the 64 were British vehicles, then the 47 would be a London double decker bus toting tourists around Picadilly Circus, and the 64 would be James Bonds' two seater Aston Martin with guns coming out of the sides.
  24. Oh well. Still plenty of time to bond over beers in the long span of training. Maybe you will catch the May board selectees. Speaking of which, you should join that FB group too.
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