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  1. Less then 1/4 of the people in my class showed up with a complete MSAF.
  2. Holy smokes. That was fun. Just to add, as much as I agree with the whole do your best, give it your all. The PT test before AC selection was competitive for 50% of the class the guys in the top half all scored 300's the guys in the bottom half all skipped through it. Maybe the climate of flight school is changing (notably for the worst) but with the AC selection #'s being what they are few people are motivated to put in the work that it seems most of you witnessed during your IERW or so has been my experience.
  3. immediately after A/C selection you put down your 3 "wishes" you choose from a list of posts that are approved for your airframe. No garuntees though
  4. i like the versatility of other airframes. And I also enjoyed instruments. As far as I know there's not going to be much versatility in my mission, and until I can get on an E model transition, instruments is not an option.
  5. its just extra. You'll fly rotary and fixed. Never turn down free training.
  6. As a class we ensured our 47 guy would get it. But it went # 2
  7. I'm going to go in with a positive attitude. I was hopeful for 60's. I enjoyed Instruments I guess I will have to wait for an E model transition. Little rumor is there holding 64 guys soon and starting and E course I looked at the LT. Next to me.. I said if you skip that FW you'll regret it. He said but I don't like Fort bliss... I just put my face in my hands
  8. throughout flight school I got asked "hey what do you want to fly" my response... "Anything but apaches"
  9. Those numbers were WO. Don't get me started on our LTs. About 5 LTs passed up a FW because the first duty assignment was ft bliss
  10. Multiple broken hearts. 1x 47 2x 60 14x 64 Those numbers were WO. Don't get me started on our LTs. About 5 LTs passed up a FW because the first duty assignment was ft bliss
  11. I would rather do SERE then spend extended periods of time in B Co.
  12. It's been a while since I leave been on this site. Figured I would update people. I was the most recent class to select. I " selected" 64s. Hit me up with questions while I'm still on the site!
  13. He had security clearance problems during class and was removed from training.. He had to wait to resolve the issues and wait for another 7 week course.
  14. My buddy is 6'2" and is disqualified from kiowas due to his height.. I wonder if that's new
  15. I was a 5 weeker but as far as I know there is no DL portion for a 7 week class.
  16. Phase II class # FYI nothing ever happened with mine. They just put it in a folder.. Everyone gets 100's on blackboard
  17. I'm only in BOLC but I heard that you should go LUH at the end of your career as it is difficult to stand out and the ranks are very top heavy. Is there any substance to that or is it just BS?
  18. Does the name tally ring any bells? Lmao he was an HHC WOC for 15 months!
  19. It's on the wall by the stairs going to the bathroom at Sanford hall aka D Co.
  20. Depends on how you value "success". Serving an inner call to duty could reward you with life experience and memories you'll be fond of later in life.. When I was an NCO I had 2 Soldiers both with Masters making 100+ they were in their early 30's and enlisted to do one 4 yr service obligation.. The military is all I know, I'm a 22 yr old in flight school with 4 years TIS. My opinion.. Look into the guard you'll get to tickle that aviation itch and live with that salary. If the military life is something you want more of there are programs to go active duty!
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