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  1. Holy smokes. That was fun. Just to add, as much as I agree with the whole do your best, give it your all. The PT test before AC selection was competitive for 50% of the class the guys in the top half all scored 300's the guys in the bottom half all skipped through it. Maybe the climate of flight school is changing (notably for the worst) but with the AC selection #'s being what they are few people are motivated to put in the work that it seems most of you witnessed during your IERW or so has been my experience.

  2. I'm going to go in with a positive attitude. I was hopeful for 60's. I enjoyed Instruments I guess I will have to wait for an E model transition. Little rumor is there holding 64 guys soon and starting and E course


    I looked at the LT. Next to me.. I said if you skip that FW you'll regret it. He said but I don't like Fort bliss... I just put my face in my hands

  3. I've completed my autobiography and essay on "My Role as a Military Officer." I have a quick question though. What class number do I put on my signature block at the end? My WOCS phase 2 class number is 14-004, and my DL is reserved for 13-001. I'm sure it's the 14-004 but just wanted to verify. Thanks

    Phase II class # FYI nothing ever happened with mine. They just put it in a folder.. Everyone gets 100's on blackboard

  4. Keep your job. Fly civilian.


    You are already setup for more success than most of us.

    Depends on how you value "success". Serving an inner call to duty could reward you with life experience and memories you'll be fond of later in life.. When I was an NCO I had 2 Soldiers both with Masters making 100+ they were in their early 30's and enlisted to do one 4 yr service obligation.. The military is all I know, I'm a 22 yr old in flight school with 4 years TIS. My opinion.. Look into the guard you'll get to tickle that aviation itch and live with that salary. If the military life is something you want more of there are programs to go active duty!

  5. Nice response!



    I saw two answers that implied don't bother with it because you won't be keeping your ASU coat. Although that answers what you should do it doesn't give you a good reason why, which is important to know. An answer you can defend to a TAC Officer is a better answer, and "I didn't get new rank sewn on because a couple guys from the Internet told me I wouldn't be keeping my ASUs through WOCS" isn't an answer I'd be comfortable with. I'm not sure what exactly you were planning on having sewn on your jacket to signify your new pay grade but the only reasonable options would be SGT rank or WOC rank. Hopefully now you understand why neither would be appropriate even if your TACs wanted you to keep your ASUs as an inspectable item.

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