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  1. (facepalm) lol Yes its the OLD PSYOP. They've migrated to the newer "friendlier" title MISOC.
  2. Very Very rarely will the army ask you to purchase something that you shouldn't already have... except for knit knacks like padlocks markers little things (that add up). That being said I've had to buy things like a second Patrol Cap, a new ASU coat $180, dry cleaning for everything, my ACUs looked like crap after 3 years and a deployment so I bought new ones. All in all I think I've spent somewhere around $600 for WOCS. HOWEVER I believe I have everything!! The saying goes there are no thieves in the Army just Soldiers getting there sh*t back.
  3. I just heard about this a week ago!! Yes that is great advice I wish I would have only heard of it sooner. Our class is worried about religious service though so they are suggesting we keep pants and SS shirt. Any thoughts?
  4. I kept my copy from the packet, also re did one with just a current PT test and date.. We shall see what happens lol
  5. I got selected on the January board and I start WOCS 5JUN13 I believe my orders date was 28 Feb. Hope this helps
  6. I'm coming from MISOC haven't started the course yet though. Were you an 18 series?
  7. yes they can convert enlisted jackets to officer jackets as long as your enlisted rank was not sewn too tightly into your jacket causing it to tear. I suggest taking you enlisted rank off yourself before taking to alterations!
  8. This packing list drives me insane lol. I went by the MCSS the all white socks look like HELL. I went by service center and their was a bunch of WOC's who were about to graduate? they said their TACs didnt care if the toes were grey. ALSO. Just bought my first pack of "brief" style underwear.. lol BUT! I think I have everything!
  9. Gotcha. Okay I have to go back there for the double sided tape. They were out last week. I dropped off my ASU jacket at alterations.. It had a hole under my E5 rank so I had to buy a new jacket.. $$$
  10. Your gf can move to Rucker. But if you don't have children you will still draw BAH with no dependent a rate. Also here's a little trick. You should be given one HHG (house hold goods) move from your home of record. If she's got stuff that she wants to bring have her leave it at your home of record! Just be careful not to exceed your w weight limit. Lol way too much info for the stage you are in now but food for thought!
  11. Electron, I start 26 May. I just have to digitally send my DA 61 to my company commander for signature since I didn't read that it can't be 30 days old. But no biggie I'm gunna get that hammered out this week then Ill be good to go!
  12. Well, lyster was a huge help and really easy to work with. The surgeon just checked the blocks and initialed. Too easy.
  13. Wow! Your bases are covered! Is there any chance you can pm me his # I haven't had a chance to go on post today. Since I am signing my lease! You can't be serious.. People show up to WOCS without completing DL?!?! I was nervous to begin WOCS until I read some the crazy questions people would send in the DL distro email..
  14. Thanks for the response! That makes me feel more comfortable I have this fear they're going to be like nope. Wrong. See ya. try again. The only reason I'm worried is because at the bottom of the orientation packet it has information about the physical and what should be checked. I will update tomorrow with what they tell me at Lyster. Thanks again for the response!
  15. That's the thing! My physical is good to go signed off by Ft. Rucker as far as flight is concerned but nothing specifies "commission" or "WOCS" like the orientation packet describes. I'm going to head into WOCC area tomorrow and start asking around. I hope a doc can just pen it in and initial.
  16. Ftxag76, your saying the physical you brought with you to WOCS was marked 1W and you weren't given a hard time?
  17. Rob where is the flight clinic or physical clinic at on Rucker? Maybe I can just get a doc to pen in WOCS or check commission?
  18. Oh man that makes me nervous! I wonder if its a bad idea to actually walk over to the WOCC building?
  19. I've seen that question answered before. Up to the TACs. Some classes get to go home. Some stay but yes that is where you receive your WOC rank. As for moving in. Ive combed through enterprise and daleville and got my eye on one house in each city. I'm really stressed/nervous about this 2808!!!
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