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  1. Hide it under the matress or bury it in the back yard.
  2. Buy David Clark impedance adapter 40880g-01 $133.25 . But it has Two plug out put for air plane radios so you'll need david clark 1825g-06 "Y" $88.26 . But for that much money you can get a new headset. Or get equivalet adapters from other manufacturers for less money (Y adapter around $40)or used off Ebay. Maybe you can special order helicopter male impedance adapter from David Clark. Or solder a helicopter plug on impedance adapter.
  3. Re; Rick McWillams post who would buy a air craft with out a mechanic inspecting let alone note seeing it in person.
  4. Do tuna boat helicopters just fly around in circles looking for fish ? How does the pilot find his way back to the boat , do you just have to stay in sight of the boat? Is there electonic beakons to giude you back? Isn't landing on the boat going up and down on the swells diffucult.
  5. What are the duties of the second pilot in a logging helicopter? Is it just on the job training?
  6. At what time and in what sercemstances do ems pilots use nvg . Arnt' landing areas lit by lights of vehicles on the ground . Dont' the lights on the ground wash out the nvg veiw bY being to bright ? Are all nvgs light inhancing or do they use UV goggles in ems . Can you see small thinds like wires with nvg ?
  7. why does sfar 73 have a expiration date ?
  8. they were offering training in brantly's at the Mount Vernon Illinois airport a few years ago.
  9. :)What type of night vision is used in ems light enhansing or uv . ? What other types of helicopter flying uses night vision . ? And do you use light enhancing or uv?
  10. What is the company you rent from at vny
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