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  1. I'm fairly certain you haven't been to a gentlemen's course then, because I went to the 5 week course and it was nothing like a gentlemen's course. Earning "caffeine rights" and having to sing songs and wear hats matching shoe laces, while having 10 minutes to shower and change after PT is nothing close to a gentlemen's course. That being said, I found WLC to have more freedom than WOCS.
  2. I'm not a selection member nor do I have any input on any boards but I will tell you this. For every sought after profession, field, or award, there are a select group of applicants that will meet every criteria. For those few individuals, they will very rarely have to cross their fingers, and hope, because they know they are already "best qualified". For those of us that made mistakes early on, part of those mistakes are realizing the long term implications of our actions. I was one of the waivered selectees but hard work, and TIMING ended up being on my side when I was selected. The army was taking lots of waivers, and I got lucky. People in front of and behind me weren't as lucky. It worked out for me, but it hasn't always and it might not later in life. Unfortunately that's the nature of life and of the Army. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, but if you do everything you can and you still don't make it, then you weren't in the right place at the right time. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but that's just the way it is. Hind sight is 20/20 and stuff does come back to bite you in the ass in ways you didn't expect. Best of luck.
  3. I just realized this thread was posted on the INTERNET from basic training at Ft Jackson. Wow times have really changed. I remember waiting in line for the pay phone with my calling card at ft jackson, and that was only 9 years ago.
  4. SERE is the worst time to go through cold weather at Rucker.
  5. Multi-source assessment feedback. It basically a survey sent to peers/leaders/subordinates that allows other people to rate you as a soldier/officer. it is required prior to starting WOCS.
  6. Just to update this thread. NG on Title 10 are eligible for this, in my case i will get the 10 days of leave prior to getting put on accrued leave when we de-mob.
  7. Yeah the article was totally misleading. It says they asked for guidance but at the bottom it said they landed due to weather. There could have been many factors that contributed, a few of the aircraft could have been circle red X'd from IMC or icing, and the weather might have been bad at their destination. Landing on the ground is usually going to be safer than a 6 ship IMC breakup, although we practice it regularly. The comments are horrible, too. Clearly people that know nothing about aviation.
  8. Read this thread http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/12021-military-flight-vision-restrictions/ Quote
  9. I think a Lima with glass cockpit would be an excellent upgrade. The Lima is a very capable aircraft, the mike has a lot of "extras" that I dont think are necessary. I think the V would be a good compromise.
  10. I just use an excel spreadsheet that has tabs for RW/ FW / Sim time /Cancellations and a summary page for total time. The cancellations page is helpful when you are writing a memo requesting a waiver for annual minimums and you can give day/hour breakdowns for every day you were scheduled to fly and didn't. It helps and will become more common as we transition into a period of limited blade hours.
  11. x2 We had 2 E3's in our flight company come straight out of AIT and get put on flight status, really just depends on the company. I think the better crew chiefs are the one's that spend time in D co. so that they are more familiar with systems and components in the off chance of a PL, they can actually perform the work.
  12. Hey thanks for checking anyways. I guess I will wait till de-mob and keep my fingers crossed. Another 10 days of leave would be nice.
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